Fostering Unity and Sportsmanship

The National Dental Intervarsity Games (NDIVG) 2023, held at SEGi University, stands as a testament to the spirit of camaraderie and healthy competition among dental universities. With the guidance of our esteemed Dean, Prof Dato Dr. Ahmad Termizi bin Zamzuri, and the collaborative efforts of coordinators, facilitators, and the dedicated students’ body, the event brought together 888 participants from 13 dental universities. This event not only showcased exceptional sportsmanship but also highlighted the unity within the dental community.

SEGi University, under the capable stewardship of its Faculty of Dentistry, took center stage as the host of NDIVG 2023. Over the course of two days, from 27th May 2023 to 28th May 2023, the campus buzzed with energy and enthusiasm. The university’s excellent organization and hospitality provided the ideal backdrop for a diverse range of competitive sports events. This successful hosting reaffirmed SEGi’s commitment to fostering a vibrant sports culture and inter-university collaboration.

NDIVG 2023 was not merely a series of sports competitions; it was a platform that facilitated meaningful interactions and networking opportunities among dental students from various universities. The event encouraged participants to transcend competition boundaries and forge lifelong friendships. Through engaging in different sports, students learned the importance of teamwork, discipline, and mutual respect, qualities that are integral to both professional and personal growth.

The successful execution of NDIVG 2023 owes much to the outstanding leadership of Aqilah Iman,the event’s president. Aqilah’s vision, dedication, and tireless efforts, coupled with the unwavering support from her team, elevated NDIVG 2023 to new heights. Their collaborative spirit and meticulous planning ensured the smooth flow of events, leaving a lasting impression on participants and attendees alike.

In retrospect, NDIVG 2023 emerges not just as a sports event but as a significant milestone in the realm of dental education. It not only celebrated athletic prowess but also embodied the ethos of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and unity. As the curtains closed on this grand event, the legacy of NDIVG 2023 will continue to inspire future generations of dental professionals, reminding them of the power of collaboration, leadership, and the spirit of healthy competition.

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