From Pakistan to SEGi: A Journey of Excellence and Entrepreneurship

Embark on a compelling journey with Syed Sameer Ahmed Qadri, a Pakistani student who ventured into academic excellence and entrepreneurship at SEGi University. Discover how he overcame challenges, achieved remarkable academic feats, and embraced cultural diversity, setting the stage for his entrepreneurial success.

Syed Sameer Ahmed Qadri, proficient in Urdu, Mandarin, and English, exemplifies the spirit of setting high goals and striving for excellence. His academic journey at SEGi involved not only excelling in studies but also navigating the challenges of cultural adaptation and language acquisition.

Upon arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Sameer started his own business with the guidance of his uncle, working diligently to sustain himself. His proactive approach and effective study techniques allowed him to excel academically, mastering time management and adapting to a new learning environment.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, Sameer founded two successful ventures – Hijab4u.Co and SQ Wholesalers. Hijab4u.Co, a Muslimah fashion brand operating on TikTok, has garnered widespread acclaim for its products and customer service. Similarly, SQ Wholesalers, a textile company, has grown from zero investment to a reliable supplier of fabrics and hijabs in Malaysia.

Overcoming cultural and language barriers, Sameer immersed himself in SEGi’s vibrant culture, forming meaningful connections and embracing diversity. His journey highlights the importance of engaging in extracurricular activities, exploring clubs, and seeking mentorship from lecturers to enhance personal and academic growth.

SEGi’s commitment to cultural understanding and acceptance became a crucial part of Sameer’s journey. The university’s emphasis on practical skills and industry relevance prepared him for professional success. Access to internship and job opportunities further enriched his experience, providing real-world exposure and valuable connections.

In conclusion, Sameer’s extraordinary journey from Pakistan to SEGi demonstrates unwavering determination, academic excellence, and a passion for entrepreneurship. His story is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, embracing opportunities, and striving for excellence. As he continues his journey, Sameer is poised for professional success and contributing to his communities, showcasing the limitless possibilities that await those with unwavering determination.

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