Group chat series for Mental Wellbeing

Group counseling helps individuals develop communication skills and socialization skills, allows clients to learn how to express their issues and enable one to develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues.

The counseling services had held 3 series of group chats which were facilitated by the registered counsellors from the SEGi University Student Affairs. The topics were Tips to Unpack Your Emotional Baggage, Expressing Your Emotion: In Practice, and Self-Acceptance: Love Myself. In the first group chat of Tips to Unpack Your Emotional Baggage, the aim was to provide opportunity for the participants to address their unfinished business in a safe and therapeutic way. By addressing and acknowledge the past trauma, then participants were taught several tips to deal with the past such as mindfulness techniques, gratitude cards and expressive art therapy.

For the 2nd group in Expressing Your Emotion, the topic was chosen due to the reason that a lot of people are prone to suffer from mental distress as they tend to suppress and bottled up their emotion, which eventually causing more stress and anxiety in future. Participants were taught and educated about psychodrama technique which included role reversal, range of emotions, stories sharing and protagonist role.

Meanwhile the group in Self-Acceptance, the participants were taught about ways to encourage unconditional self-acceptance and self-love with themselves. Among the techniques been taught were building self of identity, skills to develop self-acceptance through self-mirror talk and cultivate self-love and to thrash all the negative thought about ourselves in Trash-Toss activity. The participants that had successfully completed the 3 sessions in each group were awarded with certificate of participation.  Kudos to all and may the best in you, made possible!

Learning to make peace with your bitter past. Group Chat for Tips to Unpack Your Emotional Baggage

Participants were deeply engaged into self-reflection during group chat for Self-Acceptance: Love Myself

Participants were active and very engaging in group session for Expressing Your Emotion : In Practice

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