Harmony Prevails: Malaysia’s Orbifold Global Music Competition Triumphs as an Inspirational Achievement

In a remarkable achievement for the Malaysian music scene, the nation proudly hosted the live Malaysia Preliminary Round of the Orbifold Global Music Competition, defying the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. This event was one of the first live music competitions in a year that had seen performances move predominantly to virtual platforms due to the pandemic. With the infectious energy of live music performances reignited, the competition played a pivotal role in revitalising the music community.

One of the unique features that distinguished this competition was its inclusive spirit. Musicians, both classical and popular, professionals and amateurs, aged 6 to 32, were welcomed to showcase their talents in singing or playing piano or string instruments. This inclusivity not only celebrated the diverse musical styles but also provided a platform for budding talents and seasoned performers to come together in a harmonious blend of melodies.

The event was orchestrated by the OSE Off Staves Ensemble and received invaluable support from the SEGi University & Colleges. This backing not only facilitated the smooth execution of the competition but also underlined SEGi’s commitment to nurturing musical talent in Malaysia. The participation of 28 talented contestants marked a significant milestone as Malaysia joined the global stage in the Orbifold Global Music Competition.

An eminent panel of judges, led by Datuk Mustafa Fuzer Nawi, Ng Jin Keat, and Esther Ong, meticulously evaluated the performances. Their expertise ensured a fair and comprehensive assessment, leading to the recognition of five gold prize winners and nine silver prize winners. These outstanding musicians earned the prestigious opportunity to advance to the final round of the Orbifold Music Competition and Festival scheduled in Los Angeles in July.

Beyond the medals and awards, the actual achievement of this competition resonated in the heartfelt feedback received from participants and their teachers. Their enthusiasm, as they eagerly anticipated the next competition, reflected the event’s profound impact. Their dedication to begin preparations immediately showcased the enduring spirit of Malaysia’s musical community. With this competition, a new generation of musicians is not just emerging; they are thriving, fuelled by the passion kindled in this inspiring musical endeavour.


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