Industrial visit to KL-Kepong Oleomas Sdn. Bhd

IChemE SEGi Student Chapter, with their advisor, Dr. Izni Atikah Abd Hamid, has successfully organised an industrial visit to KL-Kepong Oleomas Sdn. Bhd, at Pulau Indah, on Tuesday, 15 November 2022, 20 chemical engineering students and 5 lecturers participated.

The visit aims to enhance students’ learning experience and expose them to a real chemical process plant. Interacting with professionals allows the student to correlate industrial practice with theoretical concepts learned, especially on unit operations.

KL-Kepong Oleomas Sdn. Bhd, is one of the world’s largest producers of natural fatty alcohols and produces a variety of high-quality oleochemical products such as palmerol fatty alcohols, palmere fractionated methyl esters and palmfonate methyl ester sulphonates.

The Head of Technology, Ir. Dr. Calvin Chok presented an introduction briefing on KL-Kepong Oleomas Sdn. Bhd for visiting students. The information shared consists of producing oleochemical products from palm kernel oil and crude palm oil, the products made, and the technical skills required to design the process.

Students were enthusiastic about exploring the workplace and enquiring about further information about their career pathways. This visit has certainly created a platform for industrial exposure.

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