Intervarsity Medical Sciences Quiz Competition: A Journey of Knowledge and Growth

The Intervarsity Medical Sciences Quiz Competition was held on 9 September 2023 by International Medical University (IMU) and opened to pre-clinical medical students. It was a great opportunity for SEGi to send a team of four Year 2 pre-clinical students – Agnes Kiew (Team Leader), Hong Ru Yi, Mah Yuan Jie, and Sharon Ting to participate in this intellectually charged competition. We named our team “All-Nighters” which implied that staying up late to study was common for medical students. This competition was a thrilling experience as it tested not only our medical knowledge but also our teamwork to put our brain together and made correct choices for the answers.

The anticipation and excitement leading up to the quiz were palpable. The preliminary round of the quiz included 20 One Best Answer (OBA) and 10 Multiple Choice True False Questions (MTF). There were no negative markings and the right answer got 1 mark. The MTF questions were quite challenging as any mischosen true statement would lead to a loss of marks. The top 4 teams out of 15 teams with the highest marks would be selected for the semifinal round. The questions prepared covered a wide range of medical disciplines, from anatomy to pharmacology.

The atmosphere during the competition was nervous and the intensity of the pressure on the participants was quite high. When the 30-minute timer started to countdown, it was a mental marathon for us. We answered some questions with ease, but some left us stumped. As the seconds ticked away, we managed to finish all the questions. Anxiety arose during the announcement of teams entering the semifinal round. We hadn’t made it to secure a spot in the semifinals. Although there were disappointments washed over us, we came up with feedback and reflection regarding our performances.

Medical quiz competition was a great way to test knowledge, improve academic skills, and promote healthy competition among peers. Through the quiz competition, we gained values that were far beyond victory and defeat. We gained a wealth of medical knowledge, highlighted the importance of staying calm under pressure, learned about teamwork spirits, met incredible people from other universities, and broadened our horizons. It was humbling to learn from other medical students who shared the same passion for medicine. While we didn’t emerge victorious, the experience was invaluable, leaving us with memories and lessons that would propel us towards becoming more well-rounded and resilient medical professionals.

Medicine is an ever-evolving field. We knew that the pursuit of knowledge was a lifelong journey, and this quiz was just a stepping stone. We were grateful for the experience, and looking forward to future opportunities to test our knowledge and continue our pursuit of excellence in the medical field. We will be back stronger!

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