Learning the Art of Humanity Through SEGi’s Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Growing up during our childhood, we would have noticed our loving grandparents growing older as well. With age comes the pain and infirmity which are the cause of their great suffering.

Looking at them that way, we would have felt helpless as we stood by the sideline watching. But that emotion also birthed within us the strong desire to gain the knowledge to aid the elderly, best through SEGi’s Bachelor Of Physiotherapy programme.

The Human Touch

Unlike other physiotherapy programmes which focus on theory and written exams, SEGi recognises the crucial component in physiotherapy that is human relation.

Effective treatment requires the interpretation of pain as communicated by the patient. Not only that, patience is a winning virtue when dealing with the infirm who need the time and all the support they can get.

Therefore, students have to establish the right emotional and physical connection with the sufferer along the entire restorative journey.

Hence, unlike other professions which are very much threatened by the advancement of artificial intelligence, the physiotherapist will remain relevant for many decades to come.

Relationships Matter

Beyond the classroom, students are required to join a supportive community to foster teamwork and collaboration. More than just a academic requirement, this programme encourages a sense of camaraderie, enabling

students to thrive both personally and professionally.

By mastering the art of communication, they not only build a stronger relationship with clients, but with their colleagues and other healthcare professionals.

All these contribute toward achieving optimal physiotherapy outcomes while fostering collaborative practices.

Beyond The Golden Generation

But think further than just the elderly where physiotherapy is concerned. Everyone from all walks of life needs the healing touch of a physiotherapist, take for example, athletes who are constantly pushing the limits of their body.

Therefore a physiotherapist is always welcome in hospitals, schools, sports clubs and even research centres.

All in all, the desire to heal alone is insufficient. Knowing how to heal is also of equal importance. SEGi’s Bachelor of Physiotherapy programme ensures the clinical competency of students through the dedicated team of physiotherapy lecturers who possess extensive clinical and academic experience.




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