Making a difference through Biomedical Sciences

Every one of us has at least seen a doctor and got a health screening or test for at least once in our lifetime. Aside from the doctor, have you ever notice or wonder what happens behind the laboratory door and who was responsible for assisting your doctor in diagnosing your health condition?

Besides the doctors that provide health care to us, there is a group of people assisting the doctors and finding solutions to health care problems around the world. This group of people includes biomedical scientist, healthcare scientist, microbiologist, medical physicist, technician, and toxicologist. If you want to help save a life, passionate about research, the human physics, and science, but do not have the stomach to become a doctor for reasons of your own, consider the field of Biomedical Sciences.

Biomedical sciences are a set of sciences relating to parts of natural science or formal science, or both, to knowledge, interventions, or technology that are of use in healthcare or public health. It is the foundation of medical healthcare, focusing on how cells, organs, and systems function in the human body. Through biomedical sciences, medical breakthroughs in healthcare were achieved, anything from creating artificial muscles from cells to treat diseases and illnesses, to looking at the brain to understand stress and anxiety. Biomedical scientists have developed new treatments and therapies for human illnesses, diseases, and disabilities.

SEGi University offers a 3-year Bachelor of Biomedical Science (Hons) programme which is in-line with the National Higher Education Strategic Plan to produce a desirable percentage of scientist and researchers in Malaysia. Studying biomedical sciences will help you understand the human body and master the art of research. The 3-year degree programme provides you with extensive theoretical knowledge and laboratory skills, gearing you to a career in healthcare, research, and diagnosis.

“Here at SEGi University, our biomedical sciences graduates will not only fulfil the nation needs as scientist and researchers but they are also highly trained skilled graduates with the technical know-how in medical sciences technology and knowledge. Upon completion of the programme, SEGi University will produce students with skills and talents in diagnostic, analytical, managerial and research competencies,” shared Professor Dr. Mohd Raili Haji Suhaili, Acting Dean, Faculty of Medicine, SEGi University.

“With the strategic learning methods and experiences adopted by SEGi University, graduates are equipped with competencies required to seek employment in various industries of choice. These include Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics companies, Hospitals, Community Health Centres, Biotechnology companies, Universities, Biomedical research institutes, Forensic laboratories, Food or Food Supplement production companies, Medical, Clinical or Veterinary diagnostics laboratories, Blood Banks, Education industries and many more,” added Professor Dr. Raili.

SEGi University’s Faculty of Medicine has developed industry partnerships or collaborations which include Tissue Engineering Centre UKM Medical Centre and Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara for its student placements and research, emphasising field-work training aside from classroom-based learning. In addition, students are being prepped for IT-intensive workplace environment, in line with the rapid development of new technologies and digitalised workplace environment.

The Biomedical Sciences programme at SEGi University offers up-to-date curriculum which incorporates the latest advances in the evolving field of biomedical sciences, through regular curriculum reviews, continuous and stringent quality assurance by internal and external auditing by Malaysian Qualifications Agency and engagement of external examiners from local University to ensure its programme is benchmarked against the industry standard.

If you are ready to own your future, grab your opportunity to make a difference in healthcare or public health through the biomedical sciences field, log on to, or call 03-6145 1777 or WhatsApp 011-1210 6389. Alternatively, speak to our counsellors to learn more about the courses and workshops available at SEGi University.

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