Making further education accessible for educators: New 12-months Master of Education Programme

SEGi University has set a new benchmark in education with the official launch of its Master of Education programme, offering a dynamic array of specialisations that cater to the evolving needs of educators. With a commitment to industry relevance and a rapid 12-month completion timeline, SEGi is making it more feasible than ever for in-service educators to upskill and excel. 

This forward-thinking programme boasts an impressive selection of 7 specialisations, carefully curated to empower educators with the skills and knowledge they need to thrive in today’s educational landscape. From the crucial realm of Educational Psychology to the innovative Digital Learning Technologies and Innovation, SEGi’s Master of Education addresses the diverse demands of modern education. 

What sets this programme apart is its accelerated 12-month duration, providing in-service educators with an opportunity to enhance their expertise without disrupting their careers. Dr. Yoon Sook Jhee, Head of the Postgraduate Department at the Faculty of Education, Languages, and Psychology at SEGi University, highlights, “We understand that educators are juggling multiple responsibilities. With our 12-month timeline, we’ve ensured that pursuing advanced education doesn’t become a roadblock in their professional journey.” 

This programme also aims to allow students to learn on the go and immediately apply to their workplace. The unique learning experience brings together its learning in the classroom and implements it to the real world. Students will be able to apply immediately and experience transformation. 

The 6+1 course structure is another standout feature, allowing educators to delve deep into their chosen specialisation while simultaneously engaging in the overarching “Curriculum and Instruction Design for Sustainable Development” module. This holistic approach equips educators with the tools they need to elevate their career trajectories and contribute positively to the sustainable development of the education sector. 

Dr. Yoon adds, “Our Master of Education programme is designed to empower educators with practical, real-world skills. We’ve combined academic rigour with industry relevance to create a programme that not only enriches educators’ knowledge but also enhances their teaching methods.” 

The career opportunities that arise from completing SEGi’s Master of Education programme are extensive and impactful. Graduates could find themselves stepping into leadership and strategic roles such as Principal or Head of Department, Academic Specialist or Director, Senior Manager or Senior Education Consultant, or even pursuing a path as an Educational Researcher. 

SEGi University’s innovative Master of Education programme is poised to transform education by empowering educators to not just keep up but stay ahead of the curve. With its strategic specialisations, convenient duration, and career-enhancing potential, this programme is a beacon of opportunity for in-service educators seeking to elevate their impact and reshape the future of learning. 

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