Mental Health Talk (Mental Health Awareness Campaign : A Better You)

In conjunction with October which is observed as World Mental Health Awareness Month, the Mental Health Students and ChalkZone Academia Club had organized a Mental Health Talk via ZOOM Live.

The invited speaker was Ms. Nurhijjah Mat Zin, a Registered Counsellor and a Mental Health First Aid Malaysia Instructor from Malaysian Mental Health Association. She presented the topic on Managing Mental Health During the Pandemic. The second speaker was Ms. Nora Elina Khalit, a certified life coach and NLP Master Practitioner from Founder Of Mindcout Academy who spoke on Tips for Transitioning to the New Normal.  The third speaker was Dr. Lee Dan Huey, a psychiatrist from LohGuanLye Specialists Centre, Penang, (USM).

Ms. Nurhijjah had emphasized on managing mental health during pandemic by self-care routine, identifying thinking trap and encouraging those who are having cabin fever to seek help and talk with the mental health professionals. Ms. Nora Elina on the other hand had pointed out the importance of patience and flexibility in transitioning to the new normal. She had also introduced the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to curb with one’s irrational thinking. Dr. Lee Dan Huey shared some of her experiences dealing with psychosis patients, the early symptoms, causes, and risk factors. Dr. Lee had also urged the students about reaching out and get help to those who are experiencing psychosis in order for them to receive urgent medical attention.

The talk was open to the public and it was attended by an astonishing number of 141 participants from SEGi University and other private institutions as well.

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