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Al-Mekhlafi, Hesham M (8625547100); Anuar, Tengku Shahrul (55326806600); Al-Zabedi, Ebtesam M (35486783200); Al-Maktari, Mohamed T (6507317421); Mahdy, Mohammed Ak (35763973200); Ahmed, Abdulhamid (53463124900); Sallam, Atiya A (7004461629); Abdullah, Wan Ariffin (35818571500); Moktar, Norhayati (8625546900); Surin, Johari (23135795000)Does vitamin A supplementation protect schoolchildren from acquiring soil-transmitted helminthiasis? A randomized controlled trial and VectorsArticleMedicine & Health SciencesSDG12014
Vaicondam, Yamunah (57196410020); Hishan, Sanil S. (57188768394); Shan, Tang Pik (57211404202)The study on factors that influencing banks non-performing loans in Malaysia Journal of Engineering and Advanced TechnologyArticleEconomics & BusinessSDG12019
Mansori, Shaheen (54401521000); Safari, Meysam (56161033100); Mohd Ismail, Zarina Mizam (57214120054)An analysis of the religious, social factors and income influence on the decision making in Islamic microfinance schemes of Islamic Accounting and Business ResearchArticleEconomics & BusinessSDG12020
Chen, Jia (58372844100); He, Shouwu (57200166864); Li, Xiaoying (57200164713)A Study of Big Data Application in Agriculture of Physics: Conference SeriesConference paperComputer Science & Information TechnologySDG22021
Wong, Rebecca S.Y. (7402127240); Cheong, Soon-Keng (7101896639)Leukaemic stem cells: Drug resistance, metastasis and therapeutic implications Journal of PathologyReviewMedicine & Health SciencesSDG32012
Abdul Ahmad, Siti Aisyah (57197781759); Palanisamy, Uma D. (8409861600); Tejo, Bimo A. (6506268507); Chew, Miaw Fang (56828974100); Tham, Hong Wai (56450880200); Syed Hassan, Sharifah (12752589200)Geraniin extracted from the rind of Nephelium lappaceum binds to dengue virus type-2 envelope protein and inhibits early stage of virus replication JournalArticleMedicine & Health SciencesSDG32017
Ng, Benjamin Wei-Liang (57402454800); Lee, Jeffrey Soon-Yit (57223159398); Toh, Teck-Hock (57193489148); Ngu, Lock-Hock (26023535100)Neurological Waardenburg-Shah syndrome: A diagnostic challenge in a child with skin hypopigmentation and neurological manifestation Case ReportsArticleMedicine & Health SciencesSDG42022
Zhang, Jianjian (57226841965); Ji, Lin (57226839424)Exploring the Impact of O2O Teaching Product Characteristics on Continuous Use Intention International Conference Proceeding SeriesConference paperEducation & Educational ResearchSDG42021
Ng, S.C. (15760702500); Lee, T.S. (56122319200); Wong, C.K. (50263605900); Lee, F.Y. (50262366600)C1: An automated online education management system based on an object-oriented approach of Web EngineeringArticleEducation & Educational ResearchSDG42014
Ng, S.C. (15760702500); Wong, C.K. (50263605900); Lee, T.S. (56122319200); Lee, F.Y. (50262366600)Design of an agent-based academic information system for effective education management Technology JournalArticleEducation & Educational ResearchSDG42011
Liu, Xing (57716315200); Li, Zhen (57716315300); Wang, Jing (57715280100); Chu, Jiankun (57716066200)Research on the Efficiency of Dual-Chain Integration of Talent Chain and Industrial Chain of Vocational Education Based on Big Data Technology of Electrical and Computer EngineeringArticleEducation & Educational ResearchSDG42022
Ching, Chang Woan (57292224400); Maarof, Nooreiny (35334737100)Effect of student satisfaction on elearning quality and learning outcome among Malaysian undergraduate nursing students of Educators OnlineArticleMedicine & Health SciencesSDG42021
Islam, Md Nurul (55547121251); Salam, Abdus (23135773300); Bhuiyan, Munira (56095493000); Daud, Sulinda Binti (57190378279)A comparative study on achievement of learning outcomes through flipped classroom and traditional lecture instructions Medical JournalArticleEducation & Educational ResearchSDG42018
Muchtar, Faisal Bawazir (57216930396); Al-Adhaileh, Mosleh Hmoud (24464269700); Singh, Pradeep Kumar (55568517829); Japang, Minah (57216916880); Eri, Zeti Darleena (54930896100); Haron, Hazlina (57188869340); Muchtar, Farkhana (57201462453)Evaluation of Students Performance Based on Teaching Method Using LMS Notes in Networks and SystemsBook chapterEducation & Educational ResearchSDG42020
Liu, Enyun (57431982600); Zhao, Jingxian (57225079493)Meta-analysis of effectiveness of electroencephalogram monitoring of sustained attention for improving online learning achievement Behavior and PersonalityArticleEducation & Educational ResearchSDG42022
Al-Naggar, Redhwan Ahmed (36027877200); Al-Jashamy, Karim (12752683200)Perception of undergraduate university students towards sexually transmitted diseases: A qualitative study of Men's HealthArticleMedicine & Health SciencesSDG52011
Chidambaram, Ramasamy (56342011000)Empathetic dentistry: Noble opportunity to restore broken hearts of Malaysian homes Journal of Medicine and Health SciencesReviewMedicine & Health SciencesSDG5; SDG162021
Sivakumar, Indumathi (36802407800); Arunachalam, Sivakumar (57201153617); Choudhary, Suchismita (56254941400); Buzayan, Muaiyed Mahmoud (55904754200)Does HIV infection affect the survival of dental implants? A systematic review and meta-analysis of Prosthetic DentistryReviewMedicine & Health SciencesSDG52021
Sivakumar, Indumathi (36802407800); Arunachalam, Sivakumar (57201153617); Choudhary, Suchismita (56254941400); Mahmoud-Buzayan, Muaiyed (55904754200); Tawfiq, Omar (35312649800); Sharan, Jitendra (56276315300)Do highly active antiretroviral therapy drugs in the management of HIV patients influence success of dental implants? ReviewsArticleMedicine & Health SciencesSDG52020
Saeidi, Alireza (55625042800); Chong, Yee K. (56202512200); Yong, Yean K. (18039110400); Tan, Hong Y. (25959441100); Barathan, Muttiah (55624970000); Rajarajeswaran, Jayakumar (24461861000); Sabet, Negar S. (14124040700); Sekaran, Shamala D. (57203913156); Ponnampalavanar, Sasheela (36768852500); Che, Karlhans F. (36180683100); Velu, Vijayakumar (23020280900); Kamarulzaman, Adeeba (6603019663); Larsson, Marie (7202000334); Shankar, Esaki M. (9738051300)Concurrent loss of co-stimulatory molecules and functional cytokine secretion attributes leads to proliferative senescence of CD8+ T cells in HIV/TB co-infection ImmunologyArticleMedicine & Health SciencesSDG52015
Shankar, Esaki M. (9738051300); Vignesh, Ramachandran (23020572600); Elleg?rd, Rada (42161322100); Barathan, Muttiah (55624970000); Chong, Yee K. (56202512200); Bador, M. Kahar (6504626132); Rukumani, Devi V. (55323100400); Sabet, Negar S. (14124040700); Kamarulzaman, Adeeba (6603019663); Velu, Vijayakumar (23020280900); Larsson, Marie (7202000334)HIV-Mycobacterium tuberculosis co-infection: A 'danger-couple model' of disease pathogenesis and DiseaseShort surveyMedicine & Health SciencesSDG52014
Annamalah, Sanmugam (54917589700); Raman, Murali (56238888000); Marthandan, Govindan (27867866000); Logeswaran, Aravindan Kalisri (57194585133)An empirical study on the determinants of an investor's decision in unit trust investment & BusinessSDG52019
Hocaoglu, S.M. (36450502200); Mohamad Idris, A.I. (57222100730); Basturk, I. (57063149500); Partal, R. (57226115972)Preparation of TiO2-diatomite composites and photocatalytic degradation of dye wastewater Journal of Environmental Science and TechnologyArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG62023
Tai, Vin Cent (56521256300); Che, Hui Xin (57222724579); Kong, Xin Ying (56998019600); Ho, Kah Chun (57192916987); Ng, Wei Ming (57195956025)Decoding iron oxide nanoparticles from design and development to real world application in water remediation of Industrial and Engineering ChemistryReviewEngineering & TechnologySDG62023
Ho, Kah Chun (57192916987); Chan, Mieow Kee (57202048247); Chen, Yui Moon (58096075200); Subhramaniyun, Pretibaa (58095625100)Treatment of rubber industry wastewater review: Recent advances and future prospects of Water Process EngineeringReviewEngineering & TechnologySDG62023
Chan, Mieow Kee (57202048247); Kumaran, Prasilla (57207538547); Thomas, Xavier Vigneswaran (57994181700); Natasha, Eva (57994015800); Tee, Yi Shen (57218627861); Mohd Aris, Alijah (57216406197); Ho, Yoke Ping (57994957600); Khor, Bee Chin (57994491300)Embedded nanoFeCu for sewage treatment: Laboratory-scale and pilot studies Journal of Chemical EngineeringArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG62023
Chan, Mieow Kee (57202048247); Lim, Kah Weng (58197497800); Mohd Aris, Alijah (57216406197); Ho, Yoke Ping (57994957600); Khor, Bee Chin (57994491300)Flow rate impact on the performance of immobilized nanoFeCu for sewage treatment and its reusability Journal of Chemical EngineeringArticle in pressEngineering & TechnologySDG62023
Teow, Yeit Haan (56480697700); Chiah, Yi Hui (57420029300); Ho, Kah Chun (57192916987); Mahmoudi, Ebrahim (56647904800)Treatment of semiconductor-industry wastewater with the application of ceramic membrane and polymeric membrane of Cleaner ProductionArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG62022
Teow, Yeit Haan (56480697700); Chong, Meng Teck (57222607319); Ho, Kah Chun (57192916987); Mohammad, Abdul Wahab (57195374469)Comparative environmental impact evaluation using life cycle assessment approach: a case study of integrated membrane-filtration system for the treatment of aerobically-digested palm oil mill effluent Environment ResearchArticleEnvironmental SciencesSDG6; SDG9; SDG122021
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Mahat, Siti Baizurah (53867981000); Omar, R. (9274498300); Che Man, H. (57222093364); Mohamad Idris, A.I. (57222100730); Mustapa Kamal, S.M. (57219225801); Idris, A. (35576668200); Shreeshivadasan, C. (12140068900); Jamali, N.S. (57189578426); Abdullah, L.C. (57204712486)Performance of dynamic anaerobic membrane bioreactor (DAnMBR) with phase separation in treating high strength food processing wastewater of Environmental Chemical EngineeringArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG62021
Ho, Kah Chun (57192916987); Teow, Yeit Haan (56480697700); Sum, Jing Yao (56161478100); Ng, Zhe Jia (57221164492); Mohammad, Abdul Wahab (57195374469)Water pathways through the ages: Integrated laundry wastewater treatment for pollution prevention of the Total EnvironmentReviewEngineering & TechnologySDG62021
Mahat, Siti Baizura (53867981000); Omar, Rozita (9274498300); Man, Hasfalina Che (57222093364); Idris, Aida Isma Mohd (57211616287); Kamal, Siti Mazlina Mustapa (57219225801); Idris, Azni (35576668200); Anuar, Nurshafiqah Khairul (57221196068)Influence of substrate to inoculum ratio (S/i) on the treatment performance of food processing wastewater containing high oil and grease (o&g) in batch mode and Water TreatmentArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG62020
Jamaluddin, Mohd Faizan (56400563900); Zainol, Norazwina (8952139900); Mohd Sharif, Nurul Shareena Aqmar (57194030387)Troubleshooting on biogas production by using factorial analysis in sewage treatment plant (STP) Today: ProceedingsConference paperEngineering & TechnologySDG62020
Mahat, Siti BaizuraBinti (53867981000); Omar, Rozita (9274498300); Lee, Jing Ling (57215873933); Mohd Idris, Aida Isma (57204096494); Che Man, Hasfalina (57222093364); Mustapa Kamal, Siti Mazlina (57219225801); Idris, Azni (35576668200)Effect of pore size of monofilament woven filter cloth as supporting material for dynamic membrane filtration on performance using aerobic membrane bioreactor technology Journal of Chemical EngineeringArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG62020
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Mahat, Siti Baizura (53867981000); Omar, Rozita (9274498300); Idris, Azni (35576668200); Mustapa Kamal, Siti Mazlina (57219225801); Mohd Idris, Aida Isma (57204096494)Dynamic membrane applications in anaerobic and aerobic digestion for industrial wastewater: A mini review and Bioproducts ProcessingArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG62018
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Nang Lau, Harrison Lik (8612245200); Tee, Yi Shen (57218627861); Chan, Mieow Kee (57202048247); Teh, Soek Sin (36621365300)Phosphorus Removal and Phytonutrients Retention in the Refining of Solvent Extracted Palm-Pressed Mesocarp Fiber Oil of Oleo ScienceArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG6; SDG142022
Kee, Chan Mieow (57226679381); Mun, Ng Kar (57241384300); Kumaran, Prasilla (57207538547); Selvam, Ronald (57513695800); Kumaran, Ruben (57241056400); Raja, Shamala Devi (57216625815); Shen, Tee Yi (57218627861)The impact of ammonia concentration and reducing agents on the ammonia oxidation performance of embedded nano-FeCu Chemistry and PhysicsArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG62021
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Siaw, Fei Lu (25629073900); Sia, Yaw Yoong (57225047668); Dilshani, Mallikarachchi (57484035800)Development of Cloud Movement Prediction Method for Solar Photovoltaic System of Harbin Institute of Technology (New Series)ArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG72022
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Wang, Xin (58138465500); Song, Xiayun (57201150954); Sun, Mingyang (58138240800)How Does a Company's ESG Performance Affect the Issuance of an Audit Opinion? The Moderating Role of Auditor Experience Journal of Environmental Research and Public HealthArticleEconomics & BusinessSDG82023
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Obaideen, Khaled (57209778464); Yousef, Bashria A.A. (15133606200); AlMallahi, Maryam Nooman (57545435600); Tan, Yong Chai (35333207000); Mahmoud, Montaser (57211215340); Jaber, Hadi (55744687300); Ramadan, Mohamad (54790024400)An overview of smart irrigation systems using IoT NexusArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG8; SDG172022
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Hishan, Sanil S. (57188768394); Qureshi, Muhammad Imran (57215487921); Khan, Nohman (57214892519); Ramakrishnan, Suresh (57216625782); Jaiprakash, Heethal (36622827800); Vaicondam, Yamunah (57196410020)Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on sustainable development goals: What we learn from the past and where we are heading? de Economia AplicadaArticleSocial SciencesSDG8; SDG172021
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Subki, Siti Fatimah (57213602090); Mahazir, Mashanim (57213595262)Capability of building information modelling (BIM) in improving the efficiency of green building project in klang valley ¨C A literature review Construction Research JournalArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG122019
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Li, Qian (58631068300); Tai, Vin Cent (56521256300); Moey, Lip Kean (57216572195); Go, Tze Fong (36545836000); Safehian, Javad (37662156300); Yazdi, Mohammad Hossein (57191447074)Impact of planar area ratio and opening positions on natural cross ventilation performance in sheltered high-rise buildings: A simulation study and EnvironmentArticleEngineering & TechnologySDG122023
Moey, Lip Kean (57216572195); Alyazidi, Saleh Mohammed Saleh (57491567900); Tai, Vin Cent (56521256300); Kai-Seun, Joseph Wu (57866189800); Mathew, Prasath Reuben (57866189900); Oumer, Ahmed Nurye (54387384800)Effect of Opening Ratios with and Without Louvers in Cross Ventilation Using CFD Notes in Mechanical EngineeringConference paperEngineering & TechnologySDG122023
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