Research @ SEGI

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Our R&D Team


Research & Innovation Management Centre (RIMC)

Cluster Head

Healthcare & Life Sciences Cluster

Policy & Governance

SEGi University’s Strategic R&D Blueprint outlines a clear and powerful vision for a global university.

Our R&D Blueprint describes how we will empower our researchers (staff and students) to achieve this, so that they can apply their distinctive research and innovation capabilities to create value and shape the world.


The governance framework for research is enacted through the Board of Research. Research policies are developed in consultation with key stakeholders and approved by Board of Research in line with SEGi University’s policy framework to ensure research at SEGi University is undertaken with integrity.

• Research policy, processes and guidelines
• Setting individual performance expectations
• Professional development and support mechanisms

Research policy, Processes and Guidelines

This page provides all of SEGi University Research policies and supporting documents. In August 2015, Board of Research approved the new Policy framework.

Please select the followings:

• SEGi University Research & Development Policy (PDF).
• Forms and documents