SEGi, Chinese Embassy, CSCSE, EMGS & PDRM Join hands in ‘Study In Malaysia’ seminar

In a remarkable display of international collaboration, SEGi University & Colleges has taken a leading role in championing the resounding success of the “Study In Malaysia” Seminar. The event, hosted under the auspices of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia and organised by the Malaysian Chinese Student Association, culminated on 24 August 2023, marking a milestone in educational diplomacy.

From 4th (Left to Right) ; Esther Low, Director of Marketing, EMGS , Foo Chek Seng, Chief of Crime Prevention and Community Safety of PDRM, Zhao Chang Tao, Education Counselor Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia, Stella Lau, Managing Director of SEGi University and Colleges, Zhang Tian, Attache from the Education office of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Malaysia, Kelvin Tan, Head of Students Experience, Sebastian Fashiono Albert ,Registrar at SEGI University

As the gateway to new horizons for ambitious students, Malaysia has emerged as a beacon of global education, and Chinese students are at the forefront of this transformative journey. A testament to this trend is the steady surge in the number of Chinese students who have chosen Malaysia as their academic haven. Data from 2022 illuminates this upward trajectory, with a noteworthy 39,000 Chinese scholars enriching Malaysian campuses with their diverse aspirations.

At the heart of this endeavor, Stella Lau, the Managing Director of SEGi University & Colleges, extended a warm welcome to aspiring Chinese scholars, urging them to consider Malaysia as their canvas for growth. Lau declared, “Modern education transcends textbooks; it’s about embracing a world of experiences, forging new bonds, and expanding networks – facets that often outshine the lessons taught in classrooms.”

The event encapsulated invaluable insights from various experts, each uniquely equipped to illuminate crucial aspects of the international student experience. Esther Low, an esteemed representative from the Malaysia Global Education Services Center, demystified the labyrinthine world of visa applications and renewals, unraveling complexities with a focus on seamless transition.

In a testament to holistic care, Officer Fu Yi Sheng from the Royal Malaysian Police shared practical strategies for safeguarding personal property, personal safety, and emergency response, fostering a secure environment for academic pursuits.

Consul Nie Ning, an esteemed representative from the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, offered a compass of consular protection for Chinese students, underlining the Embassy’s dedication to ensuring a secure academic journey. Additionally, a poignant psychological health video titled “First Lesson of the Study Abroad,” crafted by the China Education Ministry’s Study Abroad Service Center, resonated with attendees, providing tools to navigate homesickness and psychological resilience.

Gathering luminaries from various fields, the seminar echoed with expertise and camaraderie. Stella Lau, alongside Esther Low and Officer Fu Yi Sheng, stood as beacons of guidance, while the Chinese Embassy’s personnel further underscored the alliance between nations. Impressively, over 140 Chinese scholars from more than ten Malaysian universities convened, igniting a spirited exchange of ideas and forging a network that transcends geographical boundaries.

Beyond its informative core, the seminar cultivated an atmosphere of unity and shared aspirations, transcending challenges and fostering mutual understanding. Attendees hailed the “Study In Malaysia” seminar for its multifaceted content, a true compass for their educational odyssey in Malaysia.

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