SEGi Dentistry Students Pack a Punch for a Good Cause

by Aqilah Iman Mohd Ghazali

On 28 January 2023, five volunteers from the SEGi Faculty of Dentistry in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, participated in a volunteering activity at the National Kidney Foundation. 

The event’s goal was to assist the foundation in packing newsletters to be sent to 11,000 donors, the majority of whom are older people who prefer physical copies of organisation updates. 

The volunteers, who included two orthodontic department doctors, Dr Priyank and Dr Praveen, and three dental students from different academic years, Aqilah Iman, Syafi Nafisah, and Muhammad Azri, were briefed on the foundation and their task upon arrival. They successfully packed 3,500 copies of the newsletter. 

For the volunteers, being a part of the community and giving back to society is just as important as becoming a good clinician in the future. They emphasised that their contributions to society as healthcare professionals extend beyond their field of expertise. 

The SEGi Faculty of Dentistry volunteers expressed excitement about future volunteer opportunities with non-profit organisations. This event was just one example of their dedication to making a difference in their community, and they are eager to continue their efforts in the future. 

Overall, the volunteering activity at the National Kidney Foundation not only helped the organisation reach its donor base, but it also allowed SEGi Faculty of Dentistry volunteers to gain valuable experience and contribute to the community in a meaningful way.

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