SEGi Engineers Tackle Wastewater Challenges at IWK Treatment Plant

On 14 March 2024, SEGi University’s Chemical Engineering students embarked on an enlightening excursion to the Regional Sewerage Treatment Plant of Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) Sdn Bhd in Bandar Tun Razak, exploring the critical processes of domestic sewage treatment.

Organised by SEGi IChemE Student Chapter and accompanied by lecturers Ir. Choo Chee Ming, Dr. Izni Atikah Abd Hamid, Dr. Nur Amirah Mohd Zahri, and Dr. Mohd Faizan Bin Jamaluddin, the visit offered a rare glimpse into the essential operations safeguarding public health and environmental sustainability.

Upon arrival, students were welcomed by Saoud Abd Latib, Corporate Communication Manager of IWK, who provided a comprehensive briefing on the organisation’s role in enhancing the quality of life by ensuring clean water for households and industries. The students then embarked on a detailed tour of the treatment plant, observing the primary treatment stage where large solids are removed, and the secondary treatment stage where biological processes purify the water. This hands-on experience deepened their understanding of the engineering and science behind wastewater management.

The visit highlighted the innovative technologies IWK employs to enhance efficiency and minimize environmental impact, such as the use of bio-solids, bio-gas, and bio-effluent in sewage treatment. A notable demonstration by Amanina, the Treatment Executive, showcased the effectiveness of polymer powder in solidifying sewage for easier management. Students were impressed by the advanced filtration systems and cutting-edge treatment methods, reflecting IWK’s commitment to sustainable practices and continuous improvement.

Discussions during the excursion underscored the importance of public awareness and community engagement in promoting responsible water usage and pollution prevention. Students were encouraged to consider their roles as environmental stewards and advocates for water conservation, emphasizing the broader impact of their future careers.

The trip to Indah Water Konsortium (IWK) served as a powerful reminder of the vital role of sewage treatment in preserving public health and environmental integrity. Participating student and IChemE Student Chapter Vice President Tengku Faris Imran remarked, “The trip was great as we saw many things involved in wastewater treatment. We are grateful to have gone through this experience.” This hands-on learning opportunity instilled in students a newfound appreciation for the complex yet essential processes that underpin modern sanitation infrastructure.

With 3.6 billion people worldwide lacking access to safely managed sanitation (World Bank, 2020), initiatives like this excursion are crucial for educating future engineers about the importance of sustainable water management. SEGi University’s commitment to providing practical learning experiences ensures its students are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the global challenge of water and sanitation.

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