SEGi Gala Dinner 2023: A Night of Elegance and Appreciation

The SEGi Gala Dinner, held on October 27, 2023, proved to be a dazzling affair, bringing together 400 distinguished attendees under the enchanting ambiance of dome service.

The orchestration of this grand event was a collaborative effort led by key individuals:

  • F&B Oversight: Spearheaded by Shahril and Dean
  • Kitchen Management: Orchestrated by Kat and Sol

The Gala Dinner served a dual purpose — to foster networking opportunities and express gratitude to SEGi’s partners, suppliers, and collaborators. The event commenced with a warm welcome that harmonized with the thematic essence.

Distinguished guests added a touch of prestige to the evening, contributing to the overall allure of the occasion. The Gala unfolded as a culinary journey, showcasing the culinary prowess of students and lecturers from the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism. The meticulously crafted menu underscored a dedication to excellence that resonated throughout the event.

The entertainment segment took center stage, featuring captivating performances ranging from soulful music to mesmerizing dance routines. Each act showcased the carefully selected talent, infusing the Gala with artistic expression and elevating the overall experience. The energy in the room surged as guests found themselves immersed in a world of creativity.

As the night reached its conclusion, a sense of fulfillment and accomplishment lingered in the air. Beyond its lavish festivities, the Gala Dinner emerged as a convergence of purpose, elegance, and community. The memories forged that night are destined to echo in the hearts of all attendees, ensuring that this Gala Dinner stands as a symbol of grandeur and benevolence in their collective memory.

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