SEGi is now home to the world’s first Islamic Centre for Emerging Technologies

Did you know that SEGi University recently launched the world’s first Islamic Centre for Emerging Technologies or ICET? Yet another milestone for SEGi!

This centre, created in collaboration with MIMOS Bhd and RM Applications Sdn Bhd, was launched by the Deputy Finance Minister, Yang Berhormat Datuk Wira Haji Amiruddin Haji Hamzah at the SEGi University campus on February 19

What’s more exciting is the fact ICET is going to be a great boon for research students in the university because it has launched a few innovative technology research and development (R&D) projects on Islamic transactions and investments.

For starters, ICET will be pioneering the R&D on the world’s first AI (Artificial Intelligence) Chatbots on Islamic Financing and Islamic Investment. These chatbots will be programmed to handle queries relating to shariah-compliant financing and investments online and through the phone. This would be useful to companies that wish to automate their customer service initiatives.

Secondly, ICET will also pioneer the development of the world’s first Artificial Shariah Intelligence which promotes machine learning and interactions that facilitate the development of shariah-compliant programmes and systems to improve processes such as Islamic Financing Products, review and approval.

For example, normally, Islamic Financing Products would take a long time to be approved as the bank’s shariah committee would meet to discuss it internally before forwarding it to Bank Negara but through this system, the financing process will now be more transparent, faster and cost-efficient.

In this collaboration initiative, SEGi takes on the role of knowledge and content partner and works closely with MIMOS, which provides its technical expertise, and RM Applications which takes care of the implementation and commercialisation aspects.

Through ICET, SEGi, MIMOS and RM Applications will also provide training courses on Islamic financing for both, students and professionals.

The ICET initiative is in line with Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s push for greater adoption and utilisation of IR4.0-driven initiatives in Malaysia to enhance productivity, contribute towards highly skilled talent pool, inspire new job creations, and position Malaysia as a primary destination for smart manufacturing and high impact investments.

So, if you have been mulling on possible research topics concerning digitalisation, automation, and artificial intelligence, head over to ICET to find out what’s in store for you. You are not just scoring on a hot research topic, you may just end up being one of the brains behind an innovative Islamic financing product and create history in the process!

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