SEGi Students Excel in Engineering Challenge 2024

A group of enthusiastic chemical engineering students from SEGi University showcased their talents and passion for engineering by participating in An Engineering Challenge (AEC) 2024 hosted by University Malaya from 9th March to 27th April 2024. The event aimed to mould participants into well-rounded engineers, equipped with the crucial skills to tackle the multi-faceted challenges of their industry. With the theme “Harmony with Nature: Streamlined Approaches for Sustainable Living,” AEC 2024 featured a mix of online and physical contests designed to enhance technical skills, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and practical knowledge.

Twelve SEGi chemical engineering students participated in three different competitions under the guidance of their lecturers Ir Choo Chee Ming, Dr Sangeetaprivya P. Siva, and Dr Mohd Faizan Bin Jamaluddin. Seven students (Ngeow Quan Juen, Ng Nii Chien, Ng Yan Zu, Tengku Faris Imran Tengku Amirruzaini, Chan Sze Qi, Lee Wei Feng, and Hew Qi Young) competed in the Chemical Engineering Challenge, an online quiz that tested their theoretical knowledge and awareness of sustainability in the chemical engineering industry. Demonstrating exceptional academic training and practical experience, Ngeow Quan Juen, Ng Nii Chien, Ng Yan Zu, and Tengku Faris advanced to the semi-finals held at University Malaya on 27th April 2024.

Additionally, 3rd-year students Joshua Loh Yung Jin, Kevin Singh Vannice, and Ham Kit Ying participated in the Technical Infographic Competition, where they creatively highlighted sustainability in the water treatment industry through clear and concise infographics. Meanwhile, 2nd-year students Riheme Ben Bornia and Tang Yu Le entered the Technical Essay Writing Competition, demonstrating their knowledge and innovative ideas about sustainability in the semiconductor industry with a succinct 1200-word essay.

Chemical engineering students are renowned for their dedication to problem-solving and innovation, and this was evident in the intense atmosphere of AEC 2024. This competition served as a platform for aspiring engineers to showcase their prowess, tackle real-world challenges with academic acumen and creative flair, and test their skills against peers from across the country.

According to the World Economic Forum, sustainability is a key driver in the future of engineering, with sustainable practices in industries like water treatment and semiconductors being crucial for global progress (WEF, 2020). SEGi University’s participation in AEC 2024 not only highlights the students’ technical capabilities but also their commitment to driving positive change through sustainable engineering practices.

This event underscores SEGi University’s dedication to academic excellence and its proactive approach to integrating sustainability into engineering education. The students’ achievements at AEC 2024 reflect the university’s mission to produce skilled, innovative, and socially responsible engineers ready to contribute to a sustainable future.

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