SEGi University conducts workshop on Kaizen Methodology

Scholastic colleagues from the Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management (FOBAM) have successfully organized “Start Your Entrepreneurship Development with Kaizen Methodology” on 13th March 2019.

Kaizen (or ‘continuous improvement’) is an approach to introducing small incremental changes in business constantly to improve quality and/or efficiency. This approach assumes that employees are the best people to identify room for improvement because they are constantly seeing the processes in action. Consequently, a company that uses this approach must have a culture that encourages and rewards employees for their contribution to the process.

Most student may think management concept views are boring and difficult to grasp. But, one should be aware that anybody should know Kaizen as it is a popularly known business language. Well, for students in management, it was bread and butter. For non-management students, though, it’s not the case. Everyone should, therefore, learn the basic improvement or action factor to deal with any scenario in a management environment, whether they are employed in an organisation or self-employed. By learning at least the basic improvement strategic principles and creating high sales volume, everyone will be better off with this understanding.


Part of this talk included insightful knowledge and methods for handling management control and improved performance strategies such as:

  • Improvements are based on many, small changes rather than the radical changes that might arise from Research and Development
  • As the ideas come from the workers themselves, they are less likely to be radically different, and therefore easier to implement
  • Small improvements are less likely to require major capital investment than major process changes
  • The ideas come from the talents of the existing workforce, as opposed to using R&D, consultants or equipment – any of which could be very expensive
  • All employees should continually be seeking ways to improve their own performance

Upcoming entrepreneurs may have to do business in a small market. Without knowledge of their market, risk factor and room for improvement and making any money is almost impossible. Understanding the management concept will help students to distinguish between different categories. The Faculty of Business, Accounting and Management were enthusiastically involved in the development of the “Kaizen mindset” which management and students should embrace every day while working and gathering information to strengthen their skills in some practical ways.

As a feature of the SEGi student enhancement program, the occasion empowered the students to raise awareness among students on the following:-

  • Review demand, organize, plan and direct program schedules according to commitment was given to the customer.
  • Managing Applied Material account for Semi-Conductor business program and planning section. Ensure a high level of customer satisfaction relationship.
  • Manage the coordination of product life cycle activities, customer satisfaction and have responsibility for accounts of various complexities.

In terms of representation, we are pleased that the attendance was impressive. We are thankful to the guest speaker Mr Balamurugan Batumalai who delivered the workshop and to all who participated and in particular to the organiser. The event has shown great community spirit and helped FOBAM students and lecturers to find links to the lesson. Students realized that their likes or interests can channel a learning experience.

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