SEGi University optometry lecturer recognised by Gas Permeable Lens Institute 

Fakhruddin Shamsheer Barodawala, a lecturer at the Faculty of Optometry and Vision Sciences (FOVS) at SEGi University, has recently been honoured with membership from the Gas Permeable Lens Institute (GPLI). This recognition is a testament to his commitment to advancing knowledge and expertise in the field of optometry. 

The GPLI is a distinguished organisation dedicated to providing educational resources for specialty contact lenses to eye care practitioners. It focuses on offering educational and practice-building resources to empower eye care practitioners to fully benefit from the advantages of Gas Permeable (GP) and custom specialty soft contact lenses. 

As a member of the GPLI, Fakhruddin Shamsheer Barodawala gains access to the latest educational materials and knowledge in the field of specialty contact lenses. This membership enhances his ability to deliver cutting-edge information to students at SEGi University, ensuring that they are well-equipped with the latest advancements in optometry. 

The GPLI, established in the fall of 1985, originated as the RGPLI and has since evolved to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organisation. It was founded by a small, independent group of practitioners and industry representatives who recognized the need for Gas Permeable lens education. Over the years, the GPLI has expanded its initiatives to include seminars, schools workshops, online webinars, and a variety of educational and practice-building materials for eye care practitioners. 

SEGi University takes pride in Fakhruddin Shamsheer Barodawala’s achievement and looks forward to the valuable contributions he will make to the field of optometry through his association with the GPLI. This recognition aligns with SEGi University’s commitment to fostering a learning environment where faculty members are actively engaged in advancing knowledge and staying abreast of industry developments. 

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