SEGi University Professor Engages in Dialogue on Language Diversification at Philippines Conference

In a prestigious recognition of her expertise, Professor Dr. Shameem Rafik-Galea from SEGi University’s Faculty of Education, Languages, Psychology, and Music (FoELPM) was invited to be a speaker at a colloquium organized by the Linguistics Society of the Philippines. This international conference, hosted at MSU-Illigan Institute Mindanao, Philippines, from April 27 to April 29, 2023, brought together scholars and experts to delve into the theme, “Decentering, Decolonizing, Deconstructing Languages in New Paradigms and Discourses.”

The colloquium provided an engaging platform for discussions on the evolution and diversification of languages within the context of changing global paradigms. Professor Dr. Shameem’s role as an invited panelist added significant depth to the colloquium, where she shared insights on the decolonization of languages, particularly in the context of Malaysia.

The overarching theme, “Decentering, Decolonizing, Deconstructing Languages,” served as a backdrop for Professor Dr. Shameem’s exploration of the intricate relationships between language and cultural identity within Malaysia. The MSU-Illigan Institute of Technology, serving as the host venue, offered an ideal setting for scholars and participants to engage in meaningful exchanges of ideas. The international nature of the conference facilitated diverse perspectives, creating an environment conducive to the exploration of new paradigms and discourses in linguistics.

The Linguistics Society of the Philippines’ colloquium stood as a dynamic platform to bridge academic borders, collectively advancing our understanding of languages in the context of evolving global realities. This event further solidified MSU-IIP Mindanao’s reputation as a hub for intellectual exchange and exploration in linguistics and language studies.

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