SEGi University shines at inter-varsity surgical quiz

SEGi University’s academic brilliance took centre stage as a team of five Year 3 medical students embarked on a gripping odyssey to the North Borneo’s Intervarsity Surgical Quiz Competition. Set against the backdrop of the esteemed University Malaysia Sabah (UMS), the event showcased SEGi’s intellectual prowess and illuminated the power of teamwork and unwavering dedication. 

Against the backdrop of Kota Kinabalu’s vibrant ambience, the team, comprising Amanda, Nurin, Zhanwei, Jacqui, and Yi Ning, embraced four intense days of learning and preparation. The journey culminated in two rounds of intellectual sparring, a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. This narrative unfolds through the perspective of Zhanwei, the leader of Team SEGI 1, chronicling their riveting experience. 

The UMS medical faculty provided an insightful orientation, setting the tone for the journey ahead. The competition kicked off with Round 1, an enthralling display of intellectual prowess as teams competed fiercely. The ultimate climax awaited the two highest-scoring teams in the final round, a true testament to SEGi’s mettle. 

“Question 154, please name the classification used in achalasia cardia.” The competition’s tailored questions added to the intrigue, testing each team’s knowledge depth. The poised rotation of answers during regular rounds belied the intensity of the buzzer rounds, which demanded swift responses. One misstep could tip the scales, amplifying the fervour of the contest. As Round 2 concluded, a mix of mental and physical exhaustion enveloped the participants, bearing witness to the strenuous nature of the event. 

Although securing 4th place after Round 2, Team SEGI 1’s spirits remained unyielding. The competition was a catalyst that fortified their passion for General Surgery and fueled their determination to return even stronger. 

In the echoes of their journey, Team SEGI 1 – Amanda, Zhanwei, Nurin, Yi Ning, Jacqui – sign off, their recount echoing with gratitude and resolute determination. This experience underscored SEGi University’s commitment to nurturing academic excellence and illuminated the potential of collective aspiration and tenacity.

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