SEGi University’s Colloquium: Fostering Innovation, Research, and Collaboration Across Disciplines

Colloquiums play a vital role in the academic world, serving as platforms where knowledge is not only shared but also expanded upon. At SEGi University, the significance of hosting such events goes beyond mere gatherings; they are a testament to our commitment to fostering a culture of intellectual exchange, research excellence, and interdisciplinary collaboration. In a world driven by innovation and constant change, these colloquiums provide a unique opportunity for our students and faculty to come together, transcend disciplinary boundaries, and explore groundbreaking research that has the potential to shape the future.

The recent colloquium held on 4 October 2023 by the Engineering department of the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology (FoEBEIT) exemplified this commitment, bringing together a diverse community of students and lecturers to celebrate research excellence and the pursuit of knowledge. The event brought together a dynamic community of 100 students and lecturers, creating a vibrant platform for exchanging ideas and insights that transcended disciplinary boundaries.

Chaired by Dr Chan Mieow Kee, the deputy dean of research of the faculty, and emceed by Mr Cao Ding Ding, the colloquium featured a lineup of engaging presentations, each shedding light on cutting-edge research and innovative solutions that have the potential to shape the future.

One of the colloquium’s highlights was Mr. Walisijiang Tayier’s presentation. Mr Walisijiang, who obtained his MSc in Engineering from SEGi University in 2020, is pursuing his PhD in Engineering under the guidance of Ir. Dr. Shamini Janasekaran and Ir. Tai Vin Cent and Mr Walisijiang are focusing on microwave welding technology. He explored the study on lap joining and characterisation of tin (Sn) powder on stainless steel SS304 using microwave heating in his presentation. This research introduces a novel dimension to traditional metalworking processes, paving the way for future advancements in the field.

Dr. Lim Mee Wei, another distinguished presenter at the colloquium, has made significant contributions to the field of Engineering. After completing her PhD in Engineering studies at Monash University Malaysia, she joined Smartech International Sdn. Bhd. as the Research and Development (R&D) Testing Manager. Currently serving as the Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering under FoEBEIT at SEGi, Dr. Lim leads a research team committed to delivering high-impact research. In her presentation, she delved into the effect of varying light spectra on the antioxidant production of red-leaf lettuces cultivated using fish wastewater. This research highlights a holistic approach to resource efficiency and environmental sustainability, demonstrating the potential for innovative solutions in agriculture.

Dr. Maisarah binti Makmor, a Provisional Quantity Surveyor registered with the Board of Quantity Surveyors Malaysia (BQSM), presented a feasibility study on effective public participation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Her extensive research background, which includes construction law, environmental management, and sustainable development, culminated in her Ph.D. from Universiti Malaya (UM) in 2021. Currently serving as a Programme Leader and lecturer for the Quantity Surveying programme at SEGi, Dr. Maisarah’s research explores strategies for enhancing public participation in shaping responsible environmental decisions.

Ts. Balqis Binti Aminuddin, a registered professional technology (MBOT) researcher since 2019, is pursuing her PhD in Architecture at Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). She has a comprehensive background in ecotourism, environmental education, and sustainable development. Ts. Balqis currently serves as SEGi’s programme leader and lecturer for the interior architecture programme. In her presentation, she showcased an innovative indicator tool utilising Virtual Reality (VR) and Building Information Modelling (BIM) for environmental educational experiences in Setiu Wetland. This presentation highlighted the potential of technology-driven experiences in fostering environmental awareness and education, contributing to a more informed and responsible society.

The colloquium served as a dynamic platform for intellectual exchange, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and a deeper understanding of the complex issues addressed by the presenters. It was an opportunity for participants to broaden their horizons and gain valuable insights from diverse fields of study.

As we reflect on the success of this event, we look forward to future colloquiums and gatherings that will continue to push the boundaries of knowledge and contribute to positive societal and environmental impacts. SEGi University remains committed to fostering innovation and collaboration across disciplines, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future.

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