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As a seasoned academic, I have always believed in the power of knowledge exchange and the significance of fostering academic collaboration across international boundaries. Recently, I had the privilege of conducting research workshops at two distinguished universities in China: Yunan Business and Industry University and Henan Polytechnic University. These experiences were not only enlightening but also an excellent example of how the exchange of ideas can enhance the academic landscape.

Yunnan Business and Industry University Workshop

From 11 to 13 September this year, I conducted a research workshop at Yunan Business and Industry University. The primary aim of this workshop was to equip students and lecturers with the essential skills required to identify problem statements and gaps in existing literature effectively. Moreover, it provided a platform for fostering research collaboration between Yunnan Business and Industry University and SEGi University.

During this workshop, I introduced the Prisma model, a systematic approach to conducting research. This model serves as a valuable guide in research methodology, ensuring that research is conducted rigorously and efficiently. By presenting this model, we aimed to encourage students and faculty members to approach research in a systematic and structured manner. The reception was incredibly positive, and it was heartening to see a keen interest in enhancing research skills and capabilities among the participants.

Henan Polytechnic University Workshop

Following the workshop at Yunnan Business and Industry University, I had the privilege of conducting another workshop from the 14 to 16 September, this time at Henan Polytechnic University. This workshop was designed for master’s students from the School of Medicine and the School of Liberal Arts and Law.

The workshop at Henan Polytechnic University included a discussion forum where topics were introduced spontaneously. I had the opportunity to guide the students in identifying research problems and discussing potential research outcomes. Once again, the Prisma model played a significant role in our discussions, demonstrating its applicability and usefulness in various fields of study.

The outcome of the workshop was truly remarkable. Not only did it benefit the students, but it also initiated promising collaboration prospects between SEGi University and Henan Polytechnic University. Both students and deans expressed their satisfaction with the workshop and extended the warm invitation of Visiting Professorship to me, indicating their interest in future collaboration and joint paper publications.

The Importance of Knowledge Sharing

The significance of these research workshops extends far beyond the immediate exchange of information. The experts unanimously agree that conducting more such workshops and forums is essential for connecting experts in the field. Knowledge-sharing sessions through discussions and forums serve as a potent platform for fostering innovation and academic growth. Furthermore, these interactions encourage both students and lecturers to engage in writing and publishing papers, a crucial aspect of an academician’s journey.

Collaborative grant opportunities further serve as a motivating factor for lecturers to engage in more research and enhance their research skills. This aspect is pivotal for any academician seeking to contribute substantially to their field of study.

The recent research workshops conducted in China have been a resounding success, primarily due to the enthusiastic participation and commitment of the students and faculty members. It is a testament to the power of collaboration and knowledge sharing. The experience has reinforced my belief in the importance of these international exchanges and the bright future they promise for academia.

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Lecturer and supervisor, Graduate School of Business, SEGi University

Dr Malini is a dedicated lecturer and graduate school supervisor at SEGi University’s Graduate School of Business. With a background in accounting and a PhD in Management, specialising in Accounting Ethics from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Johor Bahru, Dr Malini boasts a wealth of academic and professional experience. Her journey from an auditing position at Deloitte to an educator has been characterised by a profound commitment to shaping the future of ACCA students. Driven by a genuine passion for teaching, she is recognised for her exceptional organisational skills and unwavering dedication to her students. Dr Malini actively engages in research collaborations and is pivotal in SEGi University’s internal grant initiatives. Notably, her proactive involvement in facilitating SEGi’s PhD students’ presentations at prestigious conferences underscores her dedication to fostering academic growth and scholarly excellence.





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