SoCCD Poster Palooza: RIPCOSS’23 Illuminates the Path to Research Discovery

The Research and Innovation Poster Competition Societal-Sci 2023 (RIPCOSS’23) is a significant milestone for the School of Communication & Creative Design (SoCCD). Organised and opinionated by a team of esteemed academicians in communication and creative design, RIPCOSS’23 aims to inspire students to embark on a transformative research journey.

As we explore the unfolding narrative of RIPCOSS’23, it becomes apparent that this initiative is not merely a competition but about fostering a deeper understanding of the relevance and significance of research in communication and creative design. Moreover, research is perceived as difficult in the academic landscape, and RIPCOSS’23 aims to change that.

The goals of RIPCOSS’23 can be distilled into three key objectives.

  1. Promoting Research to Students.
  2. Changing Perceptions Through Education.
  3. Initiating Collaborative Partnerships.

RIPCOSS’23 came to life at the heart of SEGi University in Kota Damansara on 20 November as 64 enthusiastic students from various disciplines actively participated in the competition. The event drew students not only from the School of Communication & Creative Design but also from diverse faculties, including the School of Hospitality & Tourism Management (SoHTM) and the Faculty of Business, Accountancy & Law (FoBAL). This cross-disciplinary engagement added a rich tapestry of perspectives and ideas to the competition, reflecting the diverse academic landscape at SEGi.

The poster presentations, a focal point of RIPCOSS’23, were moderated by eight distinguished judges. These judges, selected for their academic background and expertise, hailed from different faculties, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation of the poster research content.

RIPCOSS’23crowned dual award categories to the participants of RIPCOSS’23, which are:

  • Overall RIPCOSS’23 Best Poster Presentation
  • By School Best Poster Presentation

The honour for the Best Poster in the School category was clinched by Aliya Suraya binti Mohamed Anwar, securing the coveted 1st place within the Faculty of Business, Accountancy & Law. Notably, the School of Communication & Creative Design also showcased its talent, with Chew Jia Liang securing 2nd place and Greg Brenden Robert Bradburn earning 3rd place.

Zooming out to the broader spectrum of the RIPCOSS’23 event, the Overall Best Poster Presentation was a triumph for Stephanie Kathrina Franchette from SOCIE49, claiming the respected 1st place. Maisha Mann Nair from SOCIE53 followed suit with an impressive 2nd place, while Elaine Yew from SOCIE7 secured the 3rd place.

This auspicious occasion provided an invaluable opportunity for the RIPCOSS’23 participants to share their research ideas directly with invited prominent figures. YB Tuan Adam Adli Abd Halim, Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports, and YB Tuan Muhammad Izuan Ahmad Kasim, ADUN Kota Damansara, took a keen interest in the research posters, engaging with the students and gaining insights into the inventive projects that surfaced from the competition.

The success of RIPCOSS’23 was further amplified through the generous support of sponsors, with the New Straits Times Press (NSTP) being a prominent contributor. The collaboration with NSTP not only added prestige to the competition but also highlighted the industry’s recognition of the significance of research initiatives within the academic sphere.


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