Soft skills that you can pick up during your Pre-University studies

Pre-University is an exciting period. It is a time frame where you transition from the 11 years of formal schooling into the world of tertiary studies. Stepping into a higher learning institution can be unnerving but fret not!

The first thing you have to do is find a suitable university that will help ease you into your university life without any hassle. At SEGi, we aim to make this transition as smooth and comfortable as possible through our Pre-University studies so that you’re able to adapt to newer environments, expectations and journey.

Pre-U can offer you a rewarding start to your tertiary education and at the same time, equip you with additional soft skills that you will be able to perfect by the time you become a working professional. Here are some of the skills you can easily harness when you become a SEGian:

Gain independent thinking skills

At SEGi, you will learn how to think independently when engaging in activities, programmes or coursework. Independent thinking is an important skill to harness as you can no longer expect or rely on your parents or friends to make decisions for you. This is where you learn how to think wisely, weigh your pros and cons and act confidently based on your decisions.

Sharpen your critical and creative thinking skills

SEGi’s culture inspires creativity. Your lecturers too would encourage you to think out of the box when answering questions or performing an activity. Creativity is a much-needed skill that will add excitement to even the most mundane things. The next time you’re asked to prepare a presentation, you would be able to turn a boring PowerPoint into an exciting and insightful session when you add some critical and creative thinking into it.

Enhance your goal setting and focusing skills

Yes, we have all gone through goal setting seminars at school but get ready for greater goals and more importantly, learn how to realise them. Your goals will no longer be about getting straight As (although getting a high CGPA score is highly satisfying). It’s about finding what works for you academically and socially. You also need to find your passion, determine what works for your personality, set a career goal and work towards it while retaining a good study-life balance. Motivations will come and go but your peers, lecturers and your academic environment will play a huge role in getting you closer to your dreams.

Learn to think like a leader and team player

You will be exposed to assignments that will require you to think like a leader. Leading your team to present an assignment, for example, requires patience and determination. You must be able to convince your teammates on certain ideas and get their buy-in. You must also learn to be fair and firm with your team so that everyone carries out their responsibilities properly. At the same time, group assignments and activities require teamwork and since you will be working with a new group of peers, you will learn how to manage and work with different types of personalities to achieve your desired outcome.

Improve your social skills

There is no limit to student activities, academic or corporate events at SEGi. The university is always buzzing with one event or the other, weekly. Things are quieter during the examination period but the momentum continues with a variety of programmes all year long. There are cultural programmes, exchanges, student booths, thematic activities and celebrations, gatherings, exhibitions, open days and more for you to participate in, volunteer, make friends or simply have fun and learn from. SEGi certainly provides you with a great avenue to improve your socialising skills.

SEGi offers versatile foundation studies with many articulation pathways for undergraduate programmes that are internationally accepted.

Get a head start by enrolling into a foundation programme with SEGi today. Find out more at or call 03-6145 1777 or WhatsApp 011-1210 6389. Alternatively, speak to one of our counsellors to learn more about Pre-University courses or other programmes.

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