Student Intellectual Discourse – “Online Learning-Trends, Challenges And The New Normal”

Online learning is education that takes place over the Internet. Most students have adapted to the use of e-learning during this MCO and CMCO period. However, online learning is just one type of “distance learning.”

The Counseling Services of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Peer Counsellors Group and Chalkzone Academia had organized the 15th Student Intellectual Discourse via Zoom Meeting.  The meeting comprises three student speakers and an external speaker from Perkama International. The topic was “Online Learning – Trends, Challenges And The New Normal”, and it was moderated by Professor Azrin Ariffin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs.

The three student speakers were Sultana Hamad Ali Yumen and Muntaqim Merican from Faculty of Business, Social Science & Hospitality Management; Jessica Priya Joseph from Faculty of Education, Languages and Psychology; and special guest speaker Mr Surenthiran Pillai.  He is a registered counsellor, a Perkama International Life Member and a certified Laughter Yoga Leader.

The discourse discussed how online learning had changed the landscape of education, issues surrounding hybrid learning, procrastination causes and effects, and the absence of human touch.  It also provided tips to boost motivation and addressed distraction during online learning, social development and emotional issues among children and adolescents, and not forgetting the challenges of online learning.

Sultana has emphasized resolving technical issues earlier in order not to distract online classes, thus making early preparation is crucial for all. Mr. Surenthiran pointed out that procrastination issues had related to types of personalities, so does cabin fever, which further impacts people into procrastinating. Jessica had suggested that students and lecturers dress up for online classes to spark interest and fuel some fun. Muntaqim had addressed some hidden mental health issues among people. Therefore, educators need to reach out, such as establishing reflection sessions or having a one-to-one personal talk with the students, which would mean a lot to them.

An astonishing number of 134 participants attended the discourse. Here’s to more intellectual discourse!

“Online learning is not the next big thing. It is the new big thing.” Donna Abernathy

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