Tan Sri Clement Hii Inspires Students with Secrets to Success

Tan Sri Clement Hii, the group managing director of SEGi University & Colleges, captivated the audience at SMK Sacred Heart’s 19th Annual Speech Day with his stirring keynote speech. Hii shared a wealth of practical tips and knowledge on how students can thrive in today’s competitive world, based on decades of industry experience and a proven track record. His speech is essential reading for anyone looking to gain an advantage in their academic and professional endeavours. 

Dreaming big is “not a crime, and it is neither morally nor mentally wrong,” according to Hii. He explained that having big dreams simply means having big goals, but he also stressed the importance of striking a balance by being realistic and holistic. 

When it comes to big dreams, he believes there are three key secrets. The first is the significance of confidence. Students must believe in themselves and their worth, as well as understand why they deserve to achieve their goals. They must not allow fear or self-doubt to prevent them from pursuing their dreams. 

The second requirement is to overcome the fear of failure. As an entrepreneur involved in a variety of industries and businesses, Hii believes that failures teach important lessons and encourages students to do the same. He reminded them that failure is a necessary part of the learning process, not a sign of weakness. 

A dream, however, will remain a dream if the meaning and purpose of life are not understood. As a result, Hii encouraged students to think deeply about what motivates them and to pursue dreams that are meaningful to them. Students should pursue dreams that have real meaning for them, whether it is breaking the cycle of poverty in their family, pursuing personal growth, or proving their worth to themselves and others. 

Hii sees a world of opportunity for those willing to innovate and grow beyond the pandemic. In order to remain competitive and relevant in a changing job market, he urged students to broaden their knowledge and skills, particularly in digital and software applications. 

Several awards were presented to outstanding members of the SMK Sacred Heart community at the 19th Annual Speech Day. These awards recognised not only academic achievement, but also character, leadership, and co-curricular excellence. Hii congratulated the award winners and encouraged all students to pursue excellence in all aspects of their lives. 

Hii’s speech, in conclusion, was a powerful reminder that students can dream big and achieve great things if they believe in themselves, are willing to learn from their mistakes, and pursue dreams that have real meaning and purpose for them. The future is full of possibilities with hard work, determination, and a willingness to adapt and innovate. 

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