Top 4 Reasons to join SEGi University MBBS programme

SEGi University’s Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S) been one of SEGi’s best-selling programmes developed specially to groom the next generation of medical practitioners who are keen on making a difference in society through responsible and caring medical practices.

At SEGi, we’re focused on producing doctors who are lifelong learners, community-conscious, and are technologically-savvy. Above and beyond that, SEGi’s inclusive and diverse teaching and learning experience promotes holistic care that are in line with the professional and ethical values propagated by the medical industry and the regulatory bodies. If you’re keen on pursuing medical studies, here are 4 Reasons to join SEGi University’s MBBS Programme.

  1. Comprehensive Clinical Teaching and Exposure

SEGi’s clinical teaching starts early. Our curriculum places a strong emphasis on theoretical and practical knowledge which are taught through a student-centric approach. The medical programme in SEGi is divided into two phases. Phase 1 (Year 1-2) focuses on theoretical and pre-clinical aspect whereas Phase 2 (Year 3-5) consists of a formal clinical training where students will be exposed to various levels of clerkships that cover a range of theory and practice in general medicine specialties.

  1. Actual Hospital Setting and Lab Facilities

The clinical study phase is conducted at Sibu Hospital in Sarawak which provides SEGi MBBS students with a competitive edge as they get access to an excellent range of case mix and patients. This not only enhances their perspectives and skills, they are also exposed to an actual work environment at a much earlier stage. In addition to this, SEGi also has state-of-the-art laboratories which include an Anatomy Museum and Dissection Hall with actual cadaveric specimens for them to practice on.

  1. Get Involved with the Community

The SEGi clinical campus in Sibu has a range of activities and programmes that expose students to the community. This ranges from health campaigns to health screenings and public programmes like fundraising activities, health awareness programmes as well as a good blend of sports and recreational activities so that students gain a more holistic and well balanced study experience. Apart from connecting them to the local community, such exposure also teaches them important skills such as communication, event planning and management, teamwork, leadership and more importantly, love and care for the community.

  1. Access to US Medical Licensing Examination

Did you know that SEGi has a direct collaboration with KAPLAN? Through KAPLAN, SEGi provides access for students to sit for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE), which grants them the license to practice medicine or residency in the U.S!

Build yourself on your path towards a successful medical career with SEGi today. Log on to to learn more.


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