1. RICH EXPERIENCE – You get to meet, manage, deal and network with a diverse range of people from various cultures and ethnicities. This is an industry that connects people and you will get to learn about different countries, approaches and lifestyles in your day-to-day business.


  1. EMPOWERMENT – There’s a lot of room for growth and development in the hospitality sector. You can become a manager or a business owner within a short period thanks to the nature of the business which empowers people. The industry requires hardworking, diligent and savvy talents and if you have these traits, you will make it big with the right effort and attitude.


  1. SUSTAINABILITY – This is a people’s field. Technology advancement can only improve customer experience not replace it. The field still requires a human touch. Your ability to communicate and make your guests feel welcomed, relaxed and contented can earn your amazing brownie points to sustain your career.


  1. MULTISKILLED – The industry requires various types of skills, from technical competencies to business sense and soft skills. By the end of your study, you would have attained multiple transferable skillsets which can increase your marketability even if you choose to work out of the industry.


  1. FULL PACKAGE – The hospitality industry has a lot to offer. A fun and exciting workspace, diverse talents, rewarding packages, room to grow and learn as much as possible, space to exercise your creativity and crazy ideas and a job that makes your feel like you’re on a vacation. The industry itself is highly rewarding in many aspects so there’s always one way for another for you to gain great job satisfaction.

SEGi University and SEGi College Kota Damansara offer Bachelor of Hospitality Management (Hons) in collaboration with UCLAN, UK; Diploma in Culinary Arts; Diploma in Hotel Management and Diploma in Restaurant Management.

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