FoEBEIT’s BEE AGM & Team Building:Uniting Minds and Energies

On the vibrant morning of 10 October 10 2023, SEGi University’s Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering programme came alive with an electrifying Annual General Meeting (AGM) and an exhilarating team-building activity.

The dynamic event – led by the seasoned Senior Lecturer Ir. Dr. Gopinath Subramani, from the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering under the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology (FoEBEIT) – was a fusion of academia, camaraderie, and excitement.

A Grand Welcome to Academic Adventures

With a warm smile and a spirited welcome, Ir. Dr. Gopinath Subramani set the stage for the AGM & Team Building. The air was charged with enthusiasm as the academic team and eager students gathered to embark on this unique journey.

Unveiling the Sparks of Knowledge

As the AGM unfolded, Ts. Vinukumar Luckose, the charismatic programme leader of the Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, introduced the department’s dynamic team. He provided a captivating overview of the Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BEE) programme, igniting curiosity and interest among the students.

Ts. Vinukumar Luckose then delved into the academic matters of the year 2023&24, shedding light on upcoming activities. He explained the Outcome-Based Education process, illuminating the path towards the University’s Vision and Mission Statement. The importance of Industry advisory panels and external advisors in enhancing the programme’s quality and relevance were emphasized.

The meeting buzzed with discussions on pivotal academic matters such as passing criteria, student registrations, alterations in credit hours, new MPU subjects, and other relevant issues. The spotlight also shone on students’ involvement in various industrial visits and enlightening talks.

From Meetings to Merriment

After the AGM’s intellectually charged discussions, it was time for some exhilarating fun. The academic team, comprising Ir. Gopinath Subramani, Anis Fariza Binti Md Pazil, Ms. Noor Farhana Halil Binti Abdul Razak, and Dr. Noraidah binti Mohd Shariff, took charge of an engaging game activity designed to uplift spirits and foster teamwork.

Two distinct game activities were on the agenda, one focused on enhancing communication skills, while the other promised pure fun and excitement. The 45 spirited students were divided into three groups, each radiating enthusiasm and a zest for victory.

The atmosphere crackled with energy as students engaged in these thrilling challenges, showcasing their talents, teamwork, and unbridled joy. Laughter echoed through the campus as participants proved their mettle, leaving behind a trail of cherished memories.

The BEE – AGM & Team Building Activity was a day of intellectual growth, camaraderie, and vibrant fun, marking a memorable chapter in the journey of the Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering programme at SEGi University.


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