Why Managers Should Consider Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning refers to the ongoing process of learning and imbibing knowledge and skills for personal or professional developments.

Many professionals, including business managers, are embarking on postgraduate studies or taking up professional short courses to expand their capabilities and competencies. MBA or Master of Business Administration is one of the most common courses pursued by professionals to attain career satisfaction or climb the corporate ladder.

MBAs are common today, but it has not lost its relevancy. Managerial staff are generally eyed for the next line of leadership to lead the company forward. More often than not, the senior management is always looking at raising the competency level of their managers with hopes to groom them to the next level.

You are probably wondering how MBAs or lifelong learning is related to grooming the next level of leadership. Here are the reasons why every manager should consider lifelong learning:

  1. MBAs can create specialists – whether you’re pursuing general management, human resources management, marketing, finance or international business studies, MBAs can provide depth and focus in your field of choice. Depending on your specialisation, you will be given an opportunity to go deeper in your field of interest, turning you into a subject matter expert.
  2. MBAs increase credibility – A company’s senior management is always looking to groom credible leaders for the sustainability of their business. Most companies will look at your expertise, talent and years of experience. If you’re able to throw in relevant academic qualifications like an MBA, your chances of being considered as the next line of leader will certainly increase.
  3. MBAs create strategic thinkers – MBAs or any postgraduate studies are more focused on higher-order thinking skills as well as research and analysis skills. It will no longer be about exams and basic presentations. You will be guided on a path of strategic thinking so that you’re able to analyse, present and recommend strategic actions plans. Business leaders are always looking for strategic thinkers to be part of their team because one of the most important traits of a leader is his/her ability to think and plan tactically.
  4. MBAs enhances personal development skills – A good thing about MBAs is that you will be exposed to important skills like critical and creative thinking, adaptability, good communications, self-regulated learning and many other personal or career-related skills that you can apply in real life. So, MBAs do shape you into an all-rounder.
  5. MBA broadens perspectives – When you pursue postgraduate studies, you will meet other highly experienced and capable adult learners who are leaders in their own rights. Apart from learning from them, you will also be able to network with them and learn about their perspectives on business management. This can widen your horizon and expand your knowledge tremendously. Your studies will also open your mind to the latest industry trends and challenges, which will broaden your perspectives on things.

Aside from MBAs, business managers can also embark on continued and professional learning by pursuing professional or skills development courses offered by government agencies and training and consultancy companies.

Every knowledge or skill has a value attached to it and it will always serve you in one way or another so never stop learning for learning is a lifelong process.

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