Your Future Starts Here: SEGi University Connects You to MyBrain 2.0 Scholarships – Apply Now!

Students pursuing postgraduate studies now have more options at SEGi University through the MyBrain 2.0 initiative. With a steadfast dedication to empowering students in their pursuit of higher education, SEGi stands ready to support applicants seeking to realise their academic aspirations. With the launch of the MyBrain 2.0 initiative, students are presented with expanded opportunities to access postgraduate education. Guided by a commitment to accessible and premier education, SEGi is proud to assist students in their applications for the MyBrain 2.0 scholarship, representing a cornerstone of Malaysia’s investment in human capital development.

In 2023, YB Dato’ Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin highlighted the significant impact of educational support, with 17,015 students benefiting from scholarships, aid, and financial assistance totalling RM156 million. As we look ahead to 2024, an increased allocation of RM206 million underscores the unwavering commitment of the government to bolstering education. This financial commitment resonates deeply with SEGi’s mission of providing accessible education and nurturing a vibrant talent pool for the nation’s future.

Understanding MyBrain 2.0:

MyBrain 2.0 represents a significant opportunity for postgraduate studies, building upon the legacy of the MyBrain 15 scholarship initiated under the Tenth Malaysia Plan and paused in 2016. This ongoing scholarship programme aims to annually support 500 deserving individuals, including unemployed individuals or those lacking fixed incomes, along with lecturers from private higher education institutions (IPTS) pursuing advanced studies.

 Empowering Objectives:

  • Developing human capital and fostering high-level research skills.
  • Enhancing graduate employability, career progression, and socio-economic well-being.
  • Elevating the visibility and reputation of public universities (IPTA) and Malaysia’s higher education sector.

Application Criteria:

MyBrain 2.0 is tailored for Master’s and PhD studies, with a primary focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields. While the programme anticipates incorporating non-STEM disciplines in later phases, it currently welcomes applications from unemployed individuals from the general public, individuals without fixed incomes, and lecturers from Private Higher Education Institutions (IPTS). Furthermore, shortlisted candidates undergo interviews to ensure that only the most deserving and qualified individuals receive sponsorship. So far, MyBrain 2.0 scholarship application is opened for application, however, there were no updates on closing date.

Unlock Your Future with SEGi:

We are here to propel you toward success. Let us take charge of your MyBrain 2.0 scholarship application process, ensuring a seamless and triumphant journey toward your academic dreams. Trust SEGi to be your ultimate ally in securing this prestigious national scholarship and unlocking your full potential in postgraduate education.

Together, with the government’s commitment and SEGi’s support, we can create a brighter future for Malaysia’s talented individuals, driving progress and prosperity for generations to come.

SEGi’s Postgraduate Programmes Available under MyBrain 2.0:

  • Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) by Research
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Information Technology) by Research
  • MSc (Information Technology) by Research
  • MSc (Engineering) by Research
  • MSc in Information Technology (Coursework)
  • MSc (Management) by Research
  • MSc (Pharmaceutical Sciences)
  • MSc (Vision Science) by Research

 Terms & Conditions apply.

 The MyBrain 2.0 scholarship application is open from January 2024  for submissions. However, there have been no recent updates regarding the closing date for applications.

Take action today and embark on a path towards excellence by applying for the MyBrain 2.0 scholarship with SEGi. Let us guide you through the application process and support you in realising your academic dreams.

For more information on scholarships at SEGi, visit SEGi Scholarships

For more information about MyBrain 2.0, visit Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia

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