12th SEGi University Chinese Cultural Society Spring Festival ‘Reignition’

The SEGi University Chinese Cultural Society had successfully organised a Spring Festival on 11th March 2022 online via Zoom. Despite the challenges of online activities, SEGi Chinese Cultural Society passed on positive energy and carried forward the cultural spirit through the event. Through every committee member’s efforts, the number of audiences on the day was as high as 160. They consisted of SEGi students, SEGi staff, students from other universities and colleges, VIPs, sponsors’ representatives, performers, and outsiders. In this event, all videos were pre-recorded.

The event started at 8pm with the opening ceremony. After that, the Chinese emcee Yu Zhi Qi and English emcee Tan Xue Jing introduced the theme of the event – In addition to expressing the atmosphere of “like the spring breeze”, “Reignition” also encouraged everyone to rekindle hope in adversity. Then, the event was honoured to invite SEGi University Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs, Professor Azrin Ariffin for his opening speech, followed by the advisor of SEGi University Chinese Cultural Society, Ms. Alice Lim, to deliver her blessing. Lastly, there was a welcoming speech by the Project Director, Ms. San Pei Yi. The event was then followed by a sponsor acknowledgment video.

Various performances were presented on the day of the event. First was a recorded video of an intoxicating performance by the SMK Seri Kembangan Chinese Orchestra. The second performance was by fresh graduate Tan Yon Hee who presented us with two mandarin songs. Following that was a video of Terence Ma Jing Heng playing diabolo. His movements were proficient and talented. Next up was K-pop dance group D’Beatz, who displayed their smooth dance moves. Also, the ‘Super Voice’ champion, Emily Cheow, brought us soft, sweet, and melodic singing.

At 9.10pm, a lucky draw session was carried out. After announcing the lucky winners, the audience’s attention turned to the SMK Desa Perdana Drum Club, which delivered 24 Festive Drums performances. Following, the dancers of Xiamen University Dance Club danced gracefully using traditional Chinese fans. Then, See Yan Ni brought us two beautiful piano performances. At 9.30pm, Emily Cheow presented another solo song. Then, the dancers from the SEGi University Music Club (SUMC) presented modern dances – “We Rock” and “Dynamite”. Also, Nurul Sabrina brought the electronic drum solo to the event.

Next, the two emcees led the audience into the interactive game session. The first game was listening to the song and guessing the New Year’s song, while the second game was reading the picture and guessing the Chinese New Year greeting phrases to win “Ang Pao”, which attracted the audience’s active participation.

After the game session, the festival continued with a Chinese Traditional performance – “Wu Shu”. The performers’ movements were clean and powerful. Then, mainland Chinese musician Dong Rui Ze and Malaysian rapper Kee Kai Sheng sang their original song “I Miss You So Bad”. The next performance was presented by sand painting enthusiast Kok Suet Yheng, whose vivid paintings describe the story of Qi Qi and Pan Pan, the mascots of “Reignition”, which are very immersive. Next up was yet another solo song by Emily Cheow.

Lastly, all the committee members sang “红红年” at the finale, and the lingering singing brought the event to a perfect end.

Before the event ended, there was a photo session with all the audience.

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