Managing stress: online talk

Online classes have been stressing a lot of us out lately, as virtual learning can negatively impact our mental health in the long run. The impact was evident with more people claiming they have less motivation and higher stress levels. Therefore, the Counselling Services Unit of Student Affairs hosted the Coffee Break Chat, kick-started with the topic “Managing Stress”. The chat session was held to foster mental self-care and help university students manage stress. Besides, it was also purposed to improve students’ mental clarity, emotional balance, and overall well-being.

The speakers were none other than SEGi University’s registered counsellors – Ms. Alice and Mr. GK played host in English and Mandarin, respectively. The bilingual presentation attracted both local and China students who are coping with online learning stress. The talk provided a chance for them to unwind after putting up with endless hours of online classes. Additionally, the students learned about stress-related issues, such as tips to manage Covid-19 induced stress, avoiding stress-induced anger, and ways to maintain a stable and healthy life despite the global pandemic.

The counsellors shared several tips to manage stress and anxiety, including breathing relaxation, grounding technique and mindfulness practice.

The students enjoyed the online talk, which promoted mental health awareness among the SEGians. Here’s to more monthly virtual coffee chats!

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