A Minute with Dr. Lydia Foong

Let’s hear it from the Dean of Faculty of Education herself on what makes SEGi University’s Education graduates stand out.


Q: Why is SEGi University’s Education programme so special?

A: Our rich history and experience of course. We have been the pioneers of private teachers’ training since 1998. SEGi was in fact recognised as the champion for ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) training by Pemandu in 2010 and we have trained private preschool teachers on behalf of the government in 2011 and 2012. We were also one of the firsts to have franchised degree programmes from the UK where students gain high-quality UK qualification without having to leave the country. Since our establishment, we have not only facilitated knowledge transfer and home-grown study programmes, but we have also been recognised as a trusted ECCE provider in Malaysia.

Q: What is the faculty known for?

A: We’re known for our pool of experts and our inclusive, diverse and student-centred approach. Many of our subject matter experts have been with us since the start of this faculty and have a commanding presence in their respective fields. They also serve as mentors, counsellors and coaches to nurture and inspire the educators of tomorrow.

When it comes to our graduates, they’re headhunted by the local and international communities, especially countries like Singapore. We receive excellent feedback from the employers and the fact that recruiter keeps coming back to SEGi every year means we must have done something right. Our students are well trained with a rich curriculum and practical lesson throughout the course of the study.

Q: Is the Faculty of Education prepared for IR4.0?

Yes. We have technology-enabled classrooms and have tied up with Google Education to equip our teachers with 21st century learning skills. Starting this year, all our students will be Google Education Certified educators so that they’re able to digitalise their teaching and learning process.


SEGi offers a double degree in Education in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire, UK, with specialisations in Early Childhood Education, Special Needs Education, Guidance and Counselling and Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL). We also our homegrown Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Master of and PhD in Education by Research.

Learn what path suits your educator persona the best. Visit segiuniversity.edu.my for more information.

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