Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours (BCE) programme at SEGi University produces top-performing civil engineer

SEGi University student Tee Ming Wi has been awarded the prestigious Book Prize worth RM 1000 from the Institute of Structural Engineer (IStructE, Malaysia) for the Year 2022. The award is given to the top-performing student in the Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours (BCE) programme in several universities in Malaysia. Tee Ming Wi’s achievement is a testament to his dedication and hard work throughout his studies at SEGi University. His performance has earned him the recognition of IStructE Malaysia among other selected students from other universities. 

The BCE programme at SEGi University is renowned for its high standards, and Tee’s success reflects positively on the quality of education offered by the institution. The programme prepares students to become highly skilled engineers, equipped with the technical knowledge and practical skills required to succeed in the field. The programme has a 92.6% graduate employability rate, with graduates securing jobs in reputable companies such as Gamuda Berhad, Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad, and Petroliam Nasional Berhad (Petronas). 

SEGi University’s commitment to producing highly skilled graduates is reflected in its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced faculty members. The university’s engineering labs are equipped with the latest technology, providing students with hands-on experience in a real-world setting. The faculty members are highly qualified and experienced in the field, ensuring that students receive the best possible education. 

His achievement is an inspiration to all students pursuing a degree in civil engineering at SEGi University. It serves as a reminder of the importance of hard work, dedication, and academic excellence, and is sure to motivate other students to strive for similar achievements in their studies. The awarding of the Book Prize to Tee Ming Wi is a significant milestone for both the student and SEGi University, and it is a proud moment for the institution and its faculty members. 

Tee’s success is a testament to the quality of education offered by SEGi University’s Bachelor of Civil Engineering with Honours programme. The program’s emphasis on practical skills and real-world experience, combined with the expertise of its faculty members and state-of-the-art facilities, prepares students to become highly skilled engineers who are in high demand in the job market. Congratulations to Tee Ming Wi and SEGi University on this well-deserved recognition of academic excellence! 

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