SEGi University takes the lead in hybrid learning with City University Malaysia partnership

SEGi University, Kota Damansara, has announced the signing of the Letter of Intent for Collaborative Research Project with City University Malaysia to support higher education institutions’ hybrid teaching and learning during the post-pandemic era.

Both universities will exercise their best efforts to develop the technology leadership needed to facilitate learning and improve performance through appropriate technological processes and resources. This collaboration has the potential to increase equity, inclusion, and digital citizenship practices, as well as establish a vision, strategic plan, and ongoing evaluation cycle for transforming learning with technology.

According to the Malaysian Education Blueprint for Higher Education (2015-2025), Malaysia aims to become the regional hub for higher education. However, the many benefits of hybrid instruction are not without its share of challenges faced by both lecturers and leaders alike. Effective leaders are often said to be sense-makers of their learning institutions.

Technology leadership in the digital age encompasses how leaders use technology during their daily duties and tasks, while leading others to complete their assigned tasks and duties. This includes ensuring their subordinates are trained to use the technologies required to complete their assignments and to ensure they drive engagement, motivation, and focus throughout their teams.

SEGi University and City University Malaysia’s collaboration is a preliminary effort towards realising collaboration on the research project, which will have to be negotiated further. In the event that both universities are able, willing, and ready to formalise this collaborative arrangement, they may enter into a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) of which the MoA shall have a binding effect on both parties.

The signing of the Letter of Intent to Collaborate between SEGi University and City University Malaysia was witnessed by the Deputy Dean-Research of the Faculty of Education, Languages, Psychology, and Music, SEGI University, Prof. Dr Gurnam Kauh Sidhu and Deehbanjli Lakshmayya of City University Malaysia. This collaboration is expected to bring significant benefits to the Malaysian higher education sector and ensure that it remains competitive in the global market. Also present at the event are SEGi University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, (Academic Affairs) and Head of innovation& New Revenues Pro. Dr Srikumar Chakravarthi and Open University Malaysia’s Deputy Vice Chancellor, (Research Innovation & Commercialisation) Prof. Dr Amer Hamzah Jantan.

This Letter of Intent for a collaborative research project between SEGi University and City University Malaysia is a significant step towards supporting hybrid teaching and learning in higher education during the post-pandemic era. This partnership with City University Malaysia will help SEGi University in enhancing its research capabilities and building expertise in technology leadership, which is a critical area of focus for the education sector in the current digital age.

Such collaborations are essential for institutions like SEGi University to stay competitive and provide quality education to their students. This project will also open doors for future research collaborations between the two universities, which will further enhance SEGi’s reputation as a leading higher education institution in Malaysia.

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