Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme by SEGi University prepares aspiring doctors for a challenging career ahead. It covers the parameters of promotion, prevention, therapeutic, and rehabilitative medicine.

The main objective of MBBS is to bring up “The Best in You, Made Possible” via our innovative integrated curriculum, which is a practice-centred, science-driven, team-based, and high-value health care environment.

The Faculty of Medicine offers diverse learning opportunities in various clinical settings, thus creating an environment that is conducive for students to develop their leadership skills and prepare them to become the doctors of tomorrow.

The Curriculum comprises two phases:

Phase 1: Medical Sciences (2 years)

It consists of four blocks – Foundation in Medical Sciences, Introduction to Behavioural Science, Clinical and Community Medicine, System-Based Medical Sciences I, and System-Based Medical Sciences II.

Phase 2: Clinical (3 years)

It consists of four blocks – Junior Clerkship, Specialty Clerkship I, Specialty Clerkship II, Senior Clerkship

Throughout the 5 years of study, subjects on soft skills development are incorporated such as communication skills, behavioural science, team building, critical thinking, problem solving, leadership, and management.

Our MBBS programme is recognised by Medical Councils and regulatory bodies in Thailand, Pakistan, Maldives and Qatar.

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