SEGi University & Colleges launched its 6th Campus – SEGi MetaCampus

Kota Damansara, 01 July 2022 – SEGi University & Colleges, one of the largest education providers in Malaysia with over 18,000 students across five campuses, has successfully launched Malaysia’s first campus in the metaverse – SEGi MetaCampus.

The SEGi MetaCampus is SEGi’s latest leap into IR5.0, introducing an immersive 3D, virtual learning experience to transform Malaysia’s online and hybrid education landscape completely.

“SEGi is the first university in Malaysia to launch such a unique campus, which will radically change the way students learn, interact and connect,” said SEGi University & Colleges Group Managing Director Tan Sri Clement Hii at the virtual launching event.

Hii added that SEGi MetaCampus will revolutionise the learning experience. It is designed as a self-sustainable ecosystem in the metaverse and has specialised applications for learning and teaching.

“Students can attend lectures, social and community engagement events, and meet potential employers seamlessly, anytime, anywhere,” Hii expressed.

The SEGi MetaCampus is accessible to all students. It has integrated links between multiple 3D universes like 100 lecture halls, 300 lecture rooms, 30 meeting rooms, six libraries, 50 retail shops, 30 student hangouts and six concert halls.

According to Magnus Games Studio, the developer and technology partner for the SEGi MetaCampus, to access the SEGi MetaCampus, users need to download the SoCrwd application available on both Google PlayStore and Apple App Store. After downloading, users need to register to an account and customise an avatar representing them. Upon completion, users can start exploring the features and functions in the MetaCampus.

Users can host events, and meetings, share a link, take a selfie, voice communicate, play mini-games, shop and even hold a concert in the SEGi MetaCampus.

“This is only the beginning, and we will bring you more content in the near future. It is full of curiosity, and there can be many different universe out there. It will be an interesting journey moving ahead,” said Magnus Games Studio Managing Director DC Gan.

At the same time, SEGi University & Colleges Managing Director Stella Lau said the best is yet to come. There will be a lot of features such as an integrated Blackboard account, payment gateway, access to a library account, and online courses to be featured in the future.

“This is very exciting, and students can have fun while learning. This avatar concept helps students overcome their shy character, as most of the time, shy students will off their cameras and microphones during online classes.

“With this avatar concept, students can meet people and turn on the microphone to speak to others. We have lecture rooms, lecture halls, concert halls and many more to have fun in this MetaCampus,” Lau said.

Meanwhile, Hii said, “These offerings will continue to expand over time for students to get the best of their study years at SEGi. It is our brand promise ‘The Best In You, Made Possible’, and SEGi is fully committed in delivering only the best.”

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