Bridging Borders and Cultures through Dynamic Mobility Programme

SEGi University & Colleges continues its global education initiative, forging meaningful connections with the arrival of students from Dongyang University, South Korea. The recently concluded Summer Camp programme, running until 21 July 2023, welcomed about 23 students, offering a unique blend of education and cultural exploration.

Expressing excitement about extending a warm welcome to students from Dongyang Mirae University and various other institutions globally, this venture is an integral part of SEGi’s Mobility Programme, underscoring the institution’s commitment to providing students with a diverse and enriching international study experience.

The Summer Camp seamlessly combined language learning with cultural immersion, enabling students from Dongyang Mirae University to engage in English language classes while embarking on insightful sightseeing ventures to unravel the rich tapestry of Malaysia’s culture.

SEGi’s dynamic Student Mobility Programmes offer a spectrum of exciting options for students globally, fostering academic exchange, cultural immersion, and environmental projects. SEGi’s global embrace extends to students from Indonesia, Turkey, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, South Korea, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, and beyond.

Amid Malaysia’s multicultural backdrop, SEGi encourages students to interact with diverse ethnic groups, savour a myriad of cuisines, and explore the rich tapestry of traditions and customs. This distinctive learning experience aims to cultivate a global perspective and nurture a deep appreciation for the world’s cultural diversity.

SEGi’s commitment to international standards is exemplified by its diverse range of programmes and courses, seamlessly aligning with global academic benchmarks. The university’s credit transfer option simplifies the educational transition for students, allowing them to save time and money while receiving a top-tier education.

A standout feature of SEGi’s Mobility Programme is its holistic approach, combining classroom learning with off-campus experiences. Beyond opening doors for international students, the Mobility Programme serves as a trusted platform, bridging students from Dongyang University and SEGi. This not only aligns with SEGi’s dedication to providing affordable, quality education but also underscores the institution’s continuous commitment to improvement.

As SEGi eagerly anticipates hosting more visiting students through its Mobility Programme, the institution remains steadfast in fostering a global community of learners, transcending borders, and providing an inclusive educational environment for all eager minds.


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