SEGi University’s impactful blood donation awareness

SEGi University made a significant impact by hosting a blood donation awareness event, organised by the SEGi Pharmacy Students Association (SPSA). 

The primary goal of this event was to raise awareness about the critical significance of blood donation, aligned with the commemoration of World Blood Donor Day on the 14 June. 

A range of engaging activities were woven into the fabric of the event. Notably, a compelling poster presentation took center stage, shedding light on the myths and truths surrounding blood donation. This initiative aimed to dispel misconceptions and equip attendees with accurate knowledge to make informed decisions. 

Additionally, the event was infused with interactive energy through fun quizzes, which added an element of engagement and enjoyment. These quizzes not only entertained but also educated participants, encouraging a deeper understanding of blood donation’s vital role in saving lives. 

SEGi University’s commitment to fostering awareness and education shines through this event. By involving the SEGi Pharmacy Students Association, the institution is nurturing future professionals who contribute not only to their academic growth but also to the well-being of society. 

This event aptly illustrates how SEGi University is a catalyst for positive change, inspiring a culture of awareness, compassion, and active participation among its students and the broader community. 


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