Bullseye brilliance: SEGi student Low Lay Ban clinches gold in National Competition

It was a drizzly, breezy day at Pusat Latihan RELA Wilayah Utara, Bukit Selambau, Kedah, not the best time for a shooter to find his mark even on the open field.

But SEGi University Foundation In Art student Low Lay Ban went against the odds with his shotgun, dropping two targeting plates from a distance of 30 metres.

The roar from the audience and the accompanying applause immediately lit the dreary day. His monumental achievement alongside his three other teammates totalled nine plates, winning them the gold medal.

That was during the national level of the shooting competition in conjunction with Ujian Kemahiran Menembak RELA. Tension was strong in the air as it had been a hair’s breadth victory. The opposing team from Perak were similarly excellent, dropping eight plates.

“I had no idea I would win this,” said Low, who is the youngest winner in
this grand event.

Note that 18 contingents from all the states participated in the event, at about 300 people. According to Low, he was relatively calm throughout the competition despite his lack of confidence.

He attributed his mental state to the training his father had given him, a quality that every competent marksman should possess. This is vital as a serene mind allows the hand holding the gun to remain steady. When prompted about his inception into the shooting sport, he said the idea never crossed his mind.

“My father, who was a marksman himself, brought me along to shoot. Initially I did it to please him, but after several tries, I started to get intrigued by it,” said Low.

He said his favourite firearm was the shotgun since the targets were nearer. Previously, Low had won a total of four competitions on the district level, proving that the talent for shooting runs strong in his family bloodline.

More than that, SEGi University & Colleges are proud to celebrate Low’s achievements. His victory echoes the group’s commitment to develop academically and athletically successful individuals who shall rise to assume our future leadership. His win is equally a win for us all and has been registered in SEGi’s hallowed halls as inspiration for posterity.

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