Exploring RIPCOSS’23: A Research Judge’s Perspective

When the term “research” is mentioned, it often invokes images of mandatory classes for students navigating their academic journey. Yet, the essence of research transforms when one comprehends the entire process. As an instructor and mentor to research students, the word “fun” takes a backseat, giving way to a sense of satisfaction – a relief derived from completing research and the joy of revealing its findings.

The invitation to serve as a judge at the Research and Innovation Poster Competition Societal-Sci 2023 (RIPCOSS’23) sparked anticipation, inviting me to delve into ideas that often surpassed my own. Witnessing the creativity shown by the research participants in articulating their research ideas was a revelation. More significantly, these participants demonstrated a profound understanding of their research topics.

Dispelling the notion that research is uninteresting to students or that it must be a dull and monotonous affair, RIPCOSS’23 presented a different narrative. Tasked with evaluating poster presentations from diverse faculties, I was surprised by the eminence of the students’ work.

The poster presentations were scrutinised from five crucial perspectives:

  • Poster Appearance and Flow – delving into the design’s ability to narrate content.
  • Introduction – focusing on the depth of research content.
  • Methodology – examining the proposed research approach.
  • Research Complexity Appropriate to Discipline – evaluating how the research was explained and perceived by a general audience.
  • Student Presentation.

The experience highlighted the need never to underestimate a student’s research capabilities. Some ideas birthed in these research undertakings have the potential to offer solutions to industry challenges. Moreover, it became apparent that a significant number of students, particularly from Generation Z, are inclined to explore studies on their generation – a fascinating avenue that warrants further exploration.

RIPCOSS’23 emerged as an honourable initiative, kindling research interests among students. Beyond merely encouraging the generation of innovative ideas, it served as a platform to identify and nurture talented students capable of contributing to society through their research pursuits.

Events like RIPCOSS’23 are crucial in fostering research enthusiasm among students. Such occasions not only encourage the emergence of captivating ideas but also facilitate engagement with students, refining their research and problem-solving skills – an important investment in the thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

About the Author:


Lecturer, School of Communication & Creative Design, SEGi University

Izzati, a dynamic lecturer at SEGi University, has transcended her roots in Selangor to attain a Master’s Degree. Armed with a robust foundation in communication and media studies, she enriches the classroom experience with a wealth of knowledge accumulated over five years, particularly in research and communication skills. Izzati’s research pursuits are centred on unravelling how leaders harness social media’s power. Her contributions extend beyond the lecture hall, as she serves as a discerning judge in the research poster competition. She firmly believes in the pivotal role of understanding research, emphasising its profound impact on societal growth. As a passionate advocate for the importance of research, she is committed to nurturing the next generation of critical thinkers and communicators, instilling in them the significance of their findings in influencing societal progress.







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