Business students get an insider’s look at Malaysia’s dairy industry

Students from SEGi University’s Bachelor of Business Management Programme had the opportunity to visit Vitagen, Malaysia’s first cultured milk drink factory, as part of the Vitagen Health Tour organised by the Faculty of Business, Accounting, and Law. The tour’s goal was to provide students with an interactive platform to learn about the company’s production process and working methods. 

Vitagen’s Customer Relations Manager, Zaihani Zainal Abidin, gave the students a video introduction to the company and its products upon their arrival. Following that, they were briefed on the rules that would be followed during the factory tour. The students witnessed the process of packing billions of live probiotic cultures into each bottle of Vitagen, which has been a vital ingredient in promoting gut health. 

The factory tour was followed by a refreshment session during which students could ask questions and interact with company representatives. At the end of the session, Vitagen also gave the students goodie bags. 

Faculty lecturers Dr Sudhashini Nair and Neeta Jayabalan organised this visit because they believe in bringing industries into the classroom to provide students with practical knowledge of the industry. 

The Vitagen Health Tour was a successful event, and the students were pleased with their experience. Such events are critical in preparing students for their future careers by allowing them to understand how the concepts they learn in class are applied in the industry. 

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ World Dairy Situation Report, Malaysia has increased its dairy consumption over the years, with per capita dairy consumption increasing from 0.4 kg in 1961 to 7.7 kg in 2019. The Vitagen Health Tour gave students an inside look at the dairy industry, which is important for understanding Malaysia’s food industry’s future growth prospects. 

The Vitagen Health Tour, organised by SEGi University’s Faculty of Business, Accounting, and Law, was an informative and engaging event for Bachelor of Business Management Programme students, providing them with hands-on experience of the dairy industry’s production process. 

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