SEGi’s Faculty of Dentistry produces top-performing dental students

One of SEGi University’s Faculty of Dentistry’s year 5 students, Rachel, represented the university in the National Dental Student Clinical Skill Competition (NDSCSC) 2023. The Malaysia Dental Student Association (MDSA) hosted a hands-on Class IV Restorative Competition at the University of Malaya’s Faculty of Dentistry. 

The competition was designed to evaluate students’ abilities to restore the anatomy and aesthetics of an anterior tooth to its original form, based on their ability to match it with the adjacent teeth. Students from 11 Malaysian dental universities competed in the event, making it a highly competitive and rigorous competition. 

Despite the stiff competition, Rachel from SEGi University performed admirably, finishing third in the competition. Her accomplishment exemplifies the high quality of education and training provided by SEGi University’s Faculty of Dentistry. 

Malaysia had 5,361 registered dentists in 2019, according to the Malaysian Dental Council’s 2019 Annual Report, with 1,267 new registrations. With the increasing demand for dental services, competitions like NDSCSC are crucial in encouraging dental students to develop their clinical skills and stay up-to-date with the latest dental technologies and techniques. 

The Faculty of Dentistry at SEGi University is well-known for its high-quality dental education, training, and research. Many successful dental professionals who have excelled in their respective fields have graduated from SEGi University, emphasising the quality of education provided. 

Rachel’s success in the NDSCSC 2023 is a significant accomplishment for the Faculty of Dentistry at SEGi University. It emphasises the university’s commitment to producing skilled and competent dental professionals, as well as the importance of competitions in promoting and improving students’ clinical skills. 

Her success in the NDSCSC 2023 demonstrates SEGi University’s dedication to providing high-quality education and training to its students. It serves as a reminder that competitions like the NDSCSC are critical in promoting excellence in dentistry and encouraging students to develop their skills and knowledge in the field. 

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