Free Eye Screenings to the Community: Making a Visionary Difference

SEGi University in Kota Damansara held an On-Site Eye Screening Project on 12 March 2023, in collaboration with Ti-Ratana and Soroptimist International Damansara.  

The event aimed to provide free eye screening services to four children from the Myanmar Refugee Community Learning Centre (MRCLC) and 104 Ti-Ratana residents of mixed race. The screening was conducted by a team from SEGi University. In addition to photography for SEGi publications, the event coincided with the International Days of Happiness and the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. 

According to the World Health Organization, there are 2.2 billion people worldwide who have a vision impairment or blindness, with 1 billion of them preventable or treatable. Preventing blindness and vision loss requires early detection and treatment of eye diseases. 

SEGI University’s On-Site Eye Screening Project is a significant initiative in providing free eye screening services to those who cannot afford them, highlighting the university’s commitment to serving the community. The event is also an excellent opportunity for SEGI University students and lecturers to engage in community service and contribute to the welfare of society. 

The collaboration of the event with Ti-Ratana and Soroptimist International Damansara underscores SEGi University’s commitment to collaborating with various organisations to support community development and social welfare. The success of the event serves as a vital reminder of the importance of partnerships and collaborative efforts in achieving meaningful community impact. 

The On-Site Eye Screening Project at SEGi University is a commendable initiative that demonstrates the university’s commitment to social responsibility and community service. It emphasises the need for more such initiatives to improve access to healthcare and contribute to societal well-being. 

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