Caring SEGi lecturers key to Farah’s success

Despite having just endured the gruelling hours of her final exam paper,

Siti Farah Julia Binti Mohd Hisham was all smiles and happiness. She spoke English with an unmistakable Australian accent that was music to the ears.

“Yes, that was a pleasant surprise,” she said upon discovering that she was the top achiever for the Foundation In Arts programme.

She attributed her success to studying right after the lecture was over to retain the knowledge given. Bubbly yet introverted, Farah never shied away from group studies, instead recommending it as a tried and true study method.

“When I start slacking off, I will see that my friends are still studying, and that really helps get me back into my work. That’s what keeps me on track,” she said with a sweet, guilty smile.

The force of her motivation was no other than her grandfather who hailed from Australia. He was very encouraging and nurturing towards her.

Due to his health condition, Farah would return to Johor every two weeks to spend time with him.

According to Farah, her favourite subjects were Programming and Maths.

She confessed that Maths was not her favourite subject during high school. But her lecturer at SEGi University, Miss Suki, approached the subject in a very detailed manner, explaining it step by step.

Farah added that besides Miss Suki’s teaching technique, she had a very approachable personality. When asked about life in university, Farah said the reality was a mismatch to her expectations. People told her that it was normal to be alone in university, where it was about attending classes and going home.

“Fortunately my classmates are outspoken. We hang out or go out during the weekends. And the lecturers were really nice. It was easy to ask them questions and they really care,” she said.

Farah added that when the students were sick or absent from class, the lecturers were keen to know and always ready to help out.

Moving forward, Farah will be enrolling into SEGi’s Bachelor of Information Technology programme next February. It is another three years of life in SEGi and she is very much looking forward to it.


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