SEGi University & Colleges joins global changemakers: SDG Accord trailblazer!

SEGi University and Colleges has been recognised as a signatory of the SDG Accord by EAUC – The alliance for sustainability leadership in education, solidifying its commitment to fighting global injustice and playing a transformative role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.  

This significant milestone demonstrates SEGi’s dedication to sustainability and making a positive impact on its students, staff, and the wider community. 

By becoming a signatory, SEGi joins a global network of institutions that share best practices and collaborate to make progress towards the SDGs. Annually, these institutions will report on their advancements, with the aggregated data presented at the UN High-Level Political Forum. 

As an institutional signatory, SEGi encourages all its staff and students to be aware of this achievement. The university will proudly display the attached certificate on relevant platforms to showcase its commitment to the SDG Accord. 

SEGi is actively engaging its curriculum leads to integrate the SDGs into their work, ensuring that sustainability is embedded in the educational experience of its students. Resources are readily available to support this effort, allowing SEGi to enhance its curriculum and empower students to become agents of change in creating a more sustainable future. 

To amplify its commitment, SEGi is leveraging social media platforms to share its dedication to the SDGs. By using the hashtag #SDGAccord and tagging @TheEAUC, SEGi aims to inspire others and foster a global conversation on sustainability. 

SEGi also invites institutions to share their experiences in embedding the SDGs through short case studies. These insights will be promoted to showcase the exemplary work being done within the sector and provide further support to the sustainability movement. A template for submitting case studies is available here. 

SEGi recognises the importance of ongoing collaboration and invites stakeholders to continue the dialogue. The university is eager to work together on developing resources and organising events that contribute to the advancement of sustainability. 

Undoubtedly, SEGi’s commitment as an SDG Accord signatory will play a vital role in nurturing the next generation of change agents and striving for a balanced future that prioritises people, planet, and prosperity. 

For greater support in achieving sustainability goals, SEGi is proud to be associated with EAUC. With over 300 universities, colleges, and learning organisations as members, EAUC offers a wide range of services, support, and guidance to drive sustainability efforts in the education sector across the UK and beyond.  

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