Championing Equal Access to Education with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament


For far too long, the B40 community has faced significant barriers to accessing quality education. These challenges are not merely academic; they are systemic and deeply rooted in socio-economic disparities that perpetuate cycles of poverty.

In an era where education is increasingly recognised as the cornerstone of societal advancement and individual prosperity, SEGi University & Colleges stands at the forefront of championing equal access for all. This mission has recently been propelled into the national spotlight, thanks to a special mention by YB Dato’ Ramli Dato’ Mohd Nor, Deputy Speaker of Parliament and MP for Cameron Highlands, during a parliamentary session.

Photo: The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, YB Dato’ Ramli, discussing Projek Bina Siswa B40 @ Cameron while presiding over a parliamentary session. Watch the recording [here].

As the patron of our groundbreaking initiative, Projek Bina Siswa B40 @ Cameron, YB Dato’ Ramli’s endorsement underscores the critical importance of our efforts to ensure that education reaches every corner of our society, especially for the B40 community.

Through this initiative, we aim to provide comprehensive financial support to students from the B40 community, ensuring they can pursue higher education without the burden of financial constraints. With PTPTNX’tra, beneficiaries can fully cover their tuition fees, with repayment terms that commence only one year after graduation.

As we continue to pave the way for educational equity, our efforts are significantly bolstered by the support and advocacy of YB Dato’ Ramli Dato’ Mohd Nor. His role as the patron of Projek Bina Siswa B40 @ Cameron not only lends this initiative the gravitas it deserves but also signals to the nation the urgent need for concerted action in this area. His special mention of our project in Parliament is not just an acknowledgment; it is a clarion call for change, for unity, and for the relentless pursuit of a future where every Malaysian has equal access to the opportunities that education affords.

Photo: The SEGi University & Colleges delegation with the Deputy Speaker of Parliament in his office at Parliament.

In closing, we extend our deepest thanks to YB Dato’ Ramli for his unwavering support and commitment to educational equity. His advocacy is a beacon of hope, guiding us as we work to ensure that the B40 community is not left behind in our nation’s progress. Together, under his esteemed patronage, we are not just envisioning a brighter future; we are actively building it.

Education is a right, not a privilege. We invite you to learn more about Projek Bina Siswa B40 @ Cameron, to spread the word, and to be part of this transformative journey.

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